It's Monday.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hello my dears,
How was your weekend?
Sorry I didn't write any post since Thursday. Last week was one busy week. I had one of the biggest exams of my life on Saturday ,,, you  think that would of encouraged me to study but no. On Sunday we had our first ever half marathon. Shockingly enough I didn't pass out or die ( that was my original plan ) since 21.1 km seemed too long. However we did finish. 

After successfully finishing the run.

Two of us just before the kick off.

I leave for Europe in less then a week . I attempted to pack but failed. I always wanna take too many things... I wish I could take all my closets with me.

Love this. Sounds like me and most of my friends.

Happy Monday.


  1. Congrats Girl!!! I ran 21km too.last summer..but I ran alone..I mean not in a public event..but alone in the forest=) I feel your pain when it comes to studying..I have two exams coming up..sooo tough! I hope we will both do awesome! Be good*

    1. Thanks .
      OMG I could never do it alone , I m too lazy. I would give up at like KM 10.0 .

      Good for you. :)