Wednesday Blogger Show Case // Fun, Fearless Bloggers Feature

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Today's blog feature is Elizabeth from Undeniably, me. Her blog has become a part of my everyday reading. She writes about fashion, life style and just day to day things. Elizabeth is a dancer, who is a Performing Arts Major. I always ask more questions then I post on the blog , what I found interesting about Elizabeth is how modest and happy she is.

Other then writing about everyday things we have something else in common; both of us graduated high school at age 16. Elizabeth has been dancing for 16 years, I think that is impressive. I wish I could dance, I have two left feet... maybe one day when I m in New Jersey I can get her to teach me few dance moves.

1 .Why did you start writing a blog? What inspired you to become a fashion/style blogger?
For 2 years, I wrote a blog, then stopped for a while.  I got a new job, apartment, and basically a new life.  I missed blogging though, so I started writing again!

2. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I enjoy the creative process of blogging.  Coming up with post ideas, blog design, and writing.
3. What is your favorite fashion trend currently?
High-contrast, black and white.  Always stylish!
4. What is one thing you don’t leave house without?
My Phone
5. What is your go-to outfit? What is that one thing that will always be in style for you?
My go-to outfit is a pair of skinny jeans, white tee, and printed scarf.  Scarves will always be in style for me
 6. What are your hobbies? What do you do in for free time (other than blogging)?
 I love doing DIY projects, practicing yoga, and reading.
7. Best fashion advice you ever got?
Regardless of what you have on, wear it with confidence, and you'll always look amazing.

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Happy Wednesday.