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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How did you start blogging? What gave you an idea to do what you do? I wanted to write more… and my diary wasn’t cutting it anymore. Cup of Jo, Size too small,
Fashion Toast, A beautiful mess, are just few blogs that have been in rotation for years…it’s my version of reading news papers in the morning. So one day I woke up and said I’m doing it, I’m staring a blog.

What I didn’t realise is how addicting this hobby is! My blog is still so itsy-bitcy small and still fairly new... Soon after staring a blog I’ve realised that I m not computer savvy (at all) & Here is few other things I realized since I stared blogging:

Sometimes there is not enough time in a day to write posts. I m usually kicking myself for not having more posts written out in advance. My job is demanding as it is, so some days, my blog suffers because of that.

Knowing what I know now, I wish I'd set up an anonymous blog. There are so many stories I would LOVE to share with you and few things I would like to be frank about but unfortunately, a lot of people I know in real life read this blog. Oh Hi mom & dad!

Not being a writer and having a blog is a challenge…at least once a week I realize that I have a ton of typos in one of my posts I did a week or two ago. Whoops.

Lastly, I realised that for someone who takes loads of photos I suck at photography. I take a lot of pictures but I never seem to be able to relate them to my blog. I have 2 walk in closest and 100 pairs of shoes I m not 100% sure how to share with you. I m not one of those skinny-super-fit-beautiful-photogenic persons , so I don’t get in front of my camera lens often.

What’s the biggest challenge you find with blogging? Does it get easier?

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  1. Sometimes I wish my blog was anonymous, I have so many stories like that as well. I've found that being consistent and writing often helped improve my skills, I don't have to do as much editing anymore!