How to: build your confidence up...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If you read Letters to LALA land, you know that I like many people struggle with confidence and have for years. As a kid, I got picked on because I liked reading and kept my toys in boxes; I also have a very wild imagination that I worried myself sick over everything (from what to wear, to worst case scenario like when zombies attack or I got kidnapped). My teenage years were super  awkward; I was taller than most boys, school came naturally and I preferred to play soccer with the boys than play dress up with the girls… this meant I was usually picked on or bullied and sadly this carried over into my twenties. I realize that everyone deals with insecurity for one reason or another, so for last few years, I have found some ways to deal with self doubt and build my confidence; I am not saying that I am always confident and self assure but these 5 things help:
1)Find a mentor. It is hard when you feel like you are alone and that you are alone going through this.  Find someone who inspires you and learn as much from them as you can… Having someone to just talk or to ask for help makes a world of difference.
2) Ask for help.  This and finding a mentor go hand in hand but never be afraid to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak and most will want to help; you may be surprised at how forthcoming people are to help.
3) Exercise. A lot of confidence issue arise from how you look (or how you think you look) which I know shouldn’t play a role, but reality is if you are healthier and are active you are less likely concerned with “physical image” but are focus on the health benefits.
4) Do (hot) yoga. Having an hour to completely shut your mind off and connect with your breath is probably the best feeling; one hour of yoga a week can change your whole mood and make you overall happier. (Meditation works as well if you are not a yoga person.)
5) Take risks. Do one thing different or new every week at minimum. Get out there and do the things you’re most scared of, conquering the fears will make you more confident.
 What do you do to be more confident?