Hvar: City Guide

Thursday, September 7, 2017

If island life is for you than you have to visit Hvar. Hvar offers a perfect balance of small scale Ibiza party like atmosphere and quiet and enchanting beaches, and is one of those rare destinations that remains filled with lots of history and interesting place to visit, like its ancient fortress and ton of Venetian influenced architecture. 
I left a little piece of my heart in Hvar; I would be lying if I said that the people I met and an absolute amazing time while in Hvar, aren't a cause of that,  but either way, a little piece of my heart will always be in Hvar.
So getting there - you are either taking a ferry via Jadrolinia, renting a speed boat or a water taxi from Split or Dubrovnik. Split is significantly closer and the ferry ride is short and fairly inexpensive. 

Staying in Hvar - There are TON of hotels, air B&B's, apartments an rooms for rent.  Everything is relatively close, however close to the square and the beaches you will be paying  more. 

Eating in Hvar - There are dozens of amazing places to eat; from lovely waterfront cafés and restaurant to little intimate restaurants in the cobble stone streets. We tried out lots of places, here are few places I would recommend based on service, food and overall experience: 
Breakfast: BB Club (their eggs beni was to DIE for) and Caffe Bar El Clasico
Lunch: Hula Hula Beach Club and Plava Alga
Dinner: Fig Cafe and Pizzeria Mizarola 

Hvar is know as a party island - and it totally delivers on that - from fun day clubs to ton of small pubs and bars that line the streets. We spent a lot of time occupying the same quadrant of space at Hula Hula Hvar - its a day club with full service, music and crystal clear beaches. Kiva Bar, Carpe Diem, both Bar and Beach club have a fantasist atmosphere. They are busy, and hot, but the drinks and music are good making it worth it.

If you followed along on snapshot and instagram stories you would have witnessed some amazing (or not so amazing) dance moves at all hours. Most bars on the Island close at 2AM but not to worry because they open an actual island - yes and island where you take a free boar ride over to - so you can party till wee hours of the morning.
Have you ever been to Hvar?