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Monday, December 2, 2019

A day when you don’t learn anything, is a day wasted. - Unknown.

I am one of those people who loves learning new things, and I recently got the opportunity to take some courses with Shaw Academy. Shaw Academy is an online platform who focuses on empowering individuals with the skills they need and follow any career path they seek. They offer a flexible education model, focusing on accessibly and affordably, to everyone.
I m at a cross roads when it comes to my career, so learning new skills that will help if I decide to look for a new job is essential. So far, I have enrolled and taken two classes with Shaw Academy. My experience with Shaw Academy has been good so far. The courses I have enrolled in have been very informative and go into pretty great detail and are easy to follow along.

The webinars are recorded, but the content is good but there is an AI bot that tries to answer your questions. You can get a free 30-day trial and access to all of theirs online interactive courses. Things that I like about Shaw Academy - you get to set your own schedule, go at your own pace, and the fact you can re-watch all the lessons form the past. You can add your completed classes to linkedin which is an added bonus.
They sell additional guides for $29.99 with full access to the course, and you can also order a certificate once  you are done. If you complete all your 3 classes on time you get access to the guide for free - however be careful as the AI of recorded courses are flinch-y and might not have you recorded on there. There are text and e-mail reminders for lessons keeping you on track.

Things I could do without - texts messages reminders that aren't always accurate, fact you have to pay for guides even tho you have a membership, and getting answers inst the easiest.

Would I recommend it? yes, highly. You learn lots, you can add to your skills and qualification (on your resume and linked in) and I think you will find the learning environment enjoyable, plus there is ton of courses to pick from.

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