Summer TV/Movies

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

I love Summer for so many reasons, the heat, the sunshine, I could go on forever! But another reason I love summer is new TV shows and new Movies! Summer is when fun movies come out. Yes there are the big blockbusters but there are also fun comedies and trashy reality TV. Here are my picks that may have flown under your radar.
Wine Country- The funniest women from SNL  days gone by got together and made a movie, they are hilarious and I can't wait to watch this on Netflix. No I haven't yet but I will,wine glass in hand!
Paradise Hotel- I did mention trashy TV, you know I love me some reality TV. I watch the original Paradise Hotel and loved it I'm so excited it's back! I have been wanting this to get a reboot so bad. I hope the new cast is as good as the original. If you have time I highly recommend watching the first season too.

The Hustle- I will give anything a shot that Rebel Wilson is she always makes me laugh. I know some people aren't an Anne Hathaway fan but I don't mind her and Rebel will definitely bring out the best in Anne, and all the previews look hilarious.


Dead to Me- This show is the reason I didn't watch Wine Country. I binged watched the entire season, and I loved it. You have to check it out, it's not like any show I've seen in awhile. It's dark and I loved it, I cannot wait for season 2!! It better come soon, if I put it out there it will happen, right?
Late Night- I will watch anything Mindy Kaling is in, I know I shouldn't base it just on one person but I feel I have to support another minority it's like a code or something. I did watch the trailer and it looks hilarious. I do have to say I think Mindy is playing the same character she always does which is a pushy, and eccentric but in this movie it still works.

What are you watching this Summer? What should I to the list?

OOTD - Style at Any Budget

Monday, May 20, 2019

I think style is possible at absolutely any budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a cute look.  This outfit is less than 100 all in and I think its cute.  

pants: Reitmans
top: Walmart
purse: Winners
glasses: Marshalls
shoes: JustFab

How to: build your confidence up...

Friday, May 17, 2019

 If you read Letters to LALA land, you know that I like many people struggle with confidence and have for years. As a kid, I got picked on because I liked reading and kept my toys in boxes; I also have a very wild imagination that I worried myself sick over everything (from what to wear, to worst case scenario like when zombies attack or I got kidnapped). My teenage years were super  awkward; I was taller than most boys, school came naturally and I preferred to play soccer with the boys than play dress up with the girls… this meant I was usually picked on or bullied and sadly this carried over into my twenties. I realize that everyone deals with insecurity for one reason or another, so for last few years, I have found some ways to deal with self doubt and build my confidence; I am not saying that I am always confident and self assure but these 5 things help:
1)Find a mentor. It is hard when you feel like you are alone and that you are alone going through this.  Find someone who inspires you and learn as much from them as you can… Having someone to just talk or to ask for help makes a world of difference.
2) Ask for help.  This and finding a mentor go hand in hand but never be afraid to ask for help. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak and most will want to help; you may be surprised at how forthcoming people are to help.
3) Exercise. A lot of confidence issue arise from how you look (or how you think you look) which I know shouldn’t play a role, but reality is if you are healthier and are active you are less likely concerned with “physical image” but are focus on the health benefits.
4) Do (hot) yoga. Having an hour to completely shut your mind off and connect with your breath is probably the best feeling; one hour of yoga a week can change your whole mood and make you overall happier. (Meditation works as well if you are not a yoga person.)
5) Take risks. Do one thing different or new every week at minimum. Get out there and do the things you’re most scared of, conquering the fears will make you more confident.
 What do you do to be more confident?

OOTD - The Matching Two-Piece

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I love me a matching two piece outfit – I wear matching pieces for work all the time but this set is a perfect formal yet casual look for the spring and summer. I love how simple and flirty both pieces are. This look feels fresh and comfy but still sort of put-together look. I think accessories and how you style it, or wear it separately that you can create at least 3 outfits.

top and skirt: Walmart
shoes: DSW
purse: Rebecca Minkoff
hair scarf: H&M
glasses: Chanel

#Review: Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

I have a lot of hair and I'm always looking for new and painless ways to remove it. I have done waxing and I usually go back to it because it does work the best and lasts the longest, but let's be honest it hurts like a B and I will always turn to painless alternatives as long as they work. I walked by the Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover at Bed Bath and Beyond so many times and finally I decided to pick it up and try it out. 
This tool is so easy and convenient, I like that I can use it in the morning before I apply my make up. It's also small and easy to take with you on a trip. No more worrying about if the hair on your upper lip is growing back, just quickly use the remover and voila it's gone. 

I find this tool is also great for using just before I use my  at home lazer hair remover, more on that in another post. All in all I really like this product for the price and for doing what it says it does and I can confirm having darker hair on light skin the hair does not grow back thicker and more noticeable. I do feel some stubble after using it but the feeling goes away. This product is easy to clean as well you just pop off the top and throw the hair out. I like that I can keep this in my purse and when I notice on my way to work that I have some hair i can easily remove it with no one the wiser there is no redness or any signs of hair removal. You can pick one up for $29.99 or $19.99 if you watch for sales. 

What hair removal products do you swear by? What should I try out next? 

OOTD - Ray of Sunshine

Monday, May 13, 2019

Weather has finally taken a turn for the better and I am embracing the warmer weather and all things feminine—like ruffles, flower prints, faux wrap tops and the prettiest yellow color.  This dress makes me things summer and happy thoughts, so it just what I needed to step into spring.

Dress: One Clothing, Los Angeles

Shoes: DSW

Purse: Rebecca Minkoff
Sunglasses: Chanel

Five Books to Read to Help You Grow as a Leader and As a Person

Thursday, May 9, 2019

If you are anything like me you have thousand books in your "to read list" and still struggle to figure out which book you should read next. (this could be only me!). I love all books but every now and then I love to switch my rom coms and nonfiction for books that help me learn, develop and do better. We all want to improve our lives, whether is our careers, figuring out how to communicate better or just learn how to balance life, work and play. Here are five books that are a great place to start to help you in your personal development and your career.
Each year at our provincial conference I look for books that leaders, guest speakers and people who inspire me are reading. While I walked away with a list of over 30 books I should read, these five books resonated more; I believe its because they are equally applicable to my personal and professional life.
Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Discovering Purpose for You and Your Team
"This easy-to-follow guide starts with the search for your personal why, and then expands to helping your colleagues find your organization's why. With detailed instructions on every stage in the process, the book also answer common concerns, such as: What if my why sounds like my competitor's? Can you have more than one why? And, if my work doesn't match my why, what do I do?"
I have probably read this book twice (and mentioned it on the blog few times) but I love the idea of discovering your purpose. The reason I looked it few times, is because life and circumstances change. What was true 5 years ago, might be different today.

This Is Day One: A Practical Guide to Leadership That Matters
"If you're intimidated by the mystique surrounding leadership, this book is for you. Dudley simplifies leadership without denying its complexity, demonstrating that leadership in all its forms begins at the same clear and accessible place for everyone: what he calls "Day One."
This is more of a guide and more on the side of self help, which I think is great. Regardless if you have a team, wok form home or you are a stay at home mom, this book resonates because every day is a new day, a new beginning to make a difference.

Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.
"Leadership is not about titles, status and power over people. Leaders are people who hold themselves accountable for recognizing the potential in people and ideas, and developing that potential. This is a book for everyone who is ready to choose courage over comfort, make a difference and lead."

"If businesses could adopt this supportive mentality, employees would be more motivated to take bigger risks, because they’d know their colleagues and company would back them up, no matter what. Drawing on powerful and inspiring stories, Sinek shows how to sustain an organization’s WHY while continually adding people to the mix."
This is the second book from this author, that kind of ties into the first one. I liked this book because it didn't focus on tips and tricks of how to climb the company ladder but how to be a better leader though empathy, better communication and there for doing better for yourself and others.

"One simple tool to change the way you view your life."
I had the opportunity to see Darci, motivational speaker, at a recent convention, and really enjoyed her presentation. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her message is simple and has the potential to change your life. The book is a good take on positive thinking and how to improve your life through positive thinking

What do you guys think? If you like the books, you can get the below.

buy the books here:

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