OOTD - Plaid and Jeans

Monday, October 22, 2018

Plaid shirts and jeans are autumn's must haves. You can pair them up with a great moto jacket or boots for that cool yet relaxed fall look or keep it classic with a pair of heels with a long coat and you have a perfect date night outfit. What do you guys think? Will you be wearing flannel button downs this autumn? 

jeans:  7 for man kind
shirt: Marshalls
jacket: Bano eeMee (buy here)
shoes: Poppy Barley (buy here)

OOTD: Shades of Pink

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I absolutely love pink and I love pleats. Lately I have been wearing pleated midi skirts as I they are appropriate for the workplace and fun. I think pleated midi skirts are great for everyone, no matter your size, everyone can feel comfortable wearing pleats. I paired them with a loose fitting top but I have worn it with t-shirt, oversized sweater and a crop top, so you can say possibilities are endless. 
Wearing all slightly different shades of pink - because you can never have too much pink!

skirt: Reitman's
top: Banana Republic
purse: LV
glasses: Chane;
jacket: c/o Bano eeMee

OOTD - Turtleneck Sweaters

Monday, October 15, 2018

Turtleneck sweaters are very tricky to wear for me- mostly because I feel like I m getting suffocated and many are unflattering on me. I m not sure if it if due to Hight or what. Luckily (my sister shops very well) I got lucky and found this gorgeous grey turtleneck in El’s closet. seen Its loose cut but classic works well by pairing it with the right jeans, skirt and oversize neckline helps make it comfortable.
The turtleneck sweater is fall and winter’s MVP. I have a feeling this will be my cold weather staple that has so much versatility. 

purse: Chanel
skirt: Lululemon
sweater: Aritizia
shoes: Christian Louboutin

Air Plant Hanging Vases

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Honestly, I kill most plants we get. So I decided that I should look for plants that don't need all that much attention and we cant murder by me. So I picked up few air plans .These also make great gifs for house warming, office parties or Christmas. 
These plants were made by Stephanie, they are understated, and minimalistic but beautiful.
What you will need are a tear drop glass vase (available here), glass rocks (similar here) and some air plants. We purchased ours at a green house in Sherwood Park. Entire project was about $15 per vase.

What do you guys think? 

Music Pick Of The Month: Carter V, Lil Wayne

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

I don't know about you but I, along with millions of you, have waited for this album to drop for a long time. Lil Wayne's highly anticipated 'Carter V' highly anticipated album is out and I think its freakin' fire. The long awaited 12th studio album dropped last week, and I have been playing the fifth instalment of The Carter series since it came out.
get the album on iTunes or Spotify

Have you guys heard it? What do you think?

Easy Ways to Decorate For Halloween

Friday, October 5, 2018

Personally I could take or leave Halloween. I love candy, dressing up and decorating - what I don't love is that in YEG Halloween means count down to winter. Crystal however couldn't wait for October 1st so she can start all things Halloween (She wasn't allowed to decorate our branch until it was officially Oct!). I rounded few easy and inexpensive ways to decorate this Halloween.

Spider Web Balloons.
Idea from here. Our entire project cost less than $9.75 and made 30+ balloons.

You will need black construction paper, googlie eyes (we bough them at the dollar store) and scissors. Cut desired shape and you are good to go. Entire project $2.75

This beautiful porch display was made by my friend Steph. you will need a welcome sign. a plaid table cloth, bunch of pumpkins and orange and yellow flowers.

Pumpkin ice bucket. 
Idea from this blog.  Entire project $9.75

Tree or Pumpkin Wreath. 
This one was made by Steph who is very talented. Entire project $20. For rest of us less talented, check this post out.

Black Plants.
(image from here)
For this project you can use actual plant (learn how to grow black plants here) or plastic, black spray paint and glitter. This might not be your traditional Halloween d├ęcor but I think its chic. You can pick up plastic plants and spray paint at your local dollar store. Spray, wait till dried and style. Entire project $7.75

What do you guys think? Do you decorate for Halloween?

Holiday season is coming! Few easy ways to prep now for your holiday budget

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Did you know that on average consumers in Canada and USA spend a $1000 more on gifts than they budgeted for? That's a $1000 on average in debt! Planning for the holiday season is what can save you a ton of money. 
Here are few way to prep and be more equipped for the holiday season:

Make a holiday budget.
Yes, we might be T-80 days to Christmas but you need a game plan, and that game plans is called a budget. What can actually afford to spend? How much can you save in next 80 days? You can do a paper budget or get an app. I opened a separate account for my holidays shopping. So what I saved goes in there and this is how much I have to spend.

Make a list (and check it twice).
Sooner you have a list of people you have to buy for, sooner you can start looking. If you make a list and get an idea of what you wan you can research so you can make sure you are getting the best price.

Make gifts.
Hand made gifts, and gifts from the heart go a long way. Anything from making albums, emergency beauty kit, candles or bath bombs Pinterest is filled with inexpensive but great DIY gift ideas. 

Take inventory.
Holidays are about more (and cost more) than just buying gifts - there are decorations, plate settings, trees, lights, wrapping paper etc. you need. Take inventory of all things you have. Go though your house, garage, attic or where else you keep all the things. You might be shocked how many things you actually have. You might also stumble upon gifts you got but didn't use or open. Re-gifting might be taboo but just because you didn't use that salad bowl or picture frames doesn't mean there isn't someone you can gift it to.

How do you plan for the Holiday season? we would love to hear your tips.