OOTD - Black and White

Monday, March 18, 2019

My closet I consist of a lot of black, pink, white and red but everyone knows that there are two classic colors in the fashion world are black and white. Weather in Edmonton has finally taken a turn for the better so I m pulling out my classic pieces and finishing the look with a pop of colour. 

shirt: Aritzia
pants: Aritzia
shoes: DSW
purse: Chanel

My Experience with fillers at the SHARMA SKIN & HAIR SURGERY CLINIC + a #giveaway

Friday, March 15, 2019

If you read this post yesterday you know that I recently met with Dr. Sharma at the Sharma Clinic and had my first experience with fillers. I absolutely love my results – subtle but enhanced enough to make a difference.
The process is fairly easy and simple.  Best part is that you will see the results almost immediately. My lips were a little swollen at first but I could see the effects of the fillers pretty quickly. I would say it took about 24 hours for the fillers to settle and the swelling to calm and I could see the final product.

The process at the Sharma Clinic starts with some before shots, meeting with the doctors and a topical anesthetic. The doctor applies a numbing cream, you choose a face mask and you get to sit in a fancy massage chair for 20 minutes while the numbing cream does its thing.

After that the procedure starts and it feels like a pinch as the filler singe needle is being injected; couple of pocks and five minutes later you are all done. Afterward, you get a fabulous ice pack and ice your lips for about 10 minutes, and then let you go about your day.

What do you guys think? Do you notice a difference?

Today, you can enter to win a $250 gift certificate towards any services at the Sharma Skin and Hair Surgery Clinic  and two tickets to Western Canada Fashion Week Fri. March 22st.

Enter below or instagram! good luck!
You have to follow @anilsharmaMD on instagram to qualify*

Beauty, amplified – Cosmetic Beauty Talk with Dr. Sharma at Sharma Skin and Hair Surgery Clinic

Thursday, March 14, 2019

I am strong believer that feeling beautiful and confident is different for each of us – and sometimes going the extra mile to achieve that confidence you need a little help. If you've been following along on Instagram over the course of the last few weeks, you will have noticed a couple stories and post where I had about my first ever experience with cosmetic medicine. I was surprised how much interest that post sparked and how many questions everyone, including myself, had. I had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Anil Sharma to get some of the questions answered and to educate all of us.

Dr. Anil Sharma is an accomplished physician who previously practiced in the bustling heart of London, England. He still maintains his practice there and us folks in #YEG are now fortunate enough that he has a clinic here.
The Sharma Clinic was founded by Dr. Sharma and offers variety of services – from fillers, Botox, and a range of skincare treatments, just to name a few.
 So I asked what you guys wanted to know and here is the most common questions and answers. Hopefully this post and my conversation with the Dr. Sharma helps to alleviate some of the stigma that surrounds this industry. If feeling beautiful and confident means dealing with some of our insecurities, amplified with cosmetic medicine, then it’s worth the conversation with a trusted MD.
Before meeting with Dr. Sharma I was a little anxious because I didn’t know what to expect but after meeting with him I have a new outlook on cosmetic enhancements. They answered all my questions, but more than that, clarified that what I think I needed and what I was hoping to achieve are the same thing. (for example – my first instinct was “ I NEED BOTOX” when in reality after looking at my before photos I didn’t actually need it – it was more of a want. More on that on Friday!).
How safe is Botox?
Botox has been used for over 5 decades for a wide array of medical procedures, including children. It's an extremely safe procedure and it's even used for routine medical conditions.

How safe are fillers?
 Fillers are made from a substance called hyaluronic acid, an entirely natural substance, which exists in every person's skin. So in short, very safe!

How long do lip fillers last?
Results vary from individual to individual, generally 6-18 months.

What side effect does Botox have?
Rarely some pinpoint bruising and redness, but most patients experience no problems.

What side effect do lip fillers have?
Generally, you will see some lip swelling that can last 2-3 days but the results are well worth it!

At what age should you consider Botox?
Botox is preventative for premature wrinkles. We are seeing patients starting at 23 years old.

Who is a good candidate for non-surgical rhinoplasty?
Those wanting corrections for side profiles are great candidates.

How much do fillers cost?
 The question should be how much does a skilled pair of hands cost? We charge $650 per syringes which includes our time.

How long is recovery from non-surgical rhinoplasty?
Most patients experience no downtime.

Are there different types of fillers?
Good question! Yes, and according to the area, the particle size of the filler should be matched to the anatomical site.

What do you guys think? Would you consider cosmetic enhancements?

BEST NEWS – if you are in YEG and book to see Dr. Sharma between now and April 30th you will get a 15% discount. All you need to do is mention my name. (*some restrictions may apply.)

To Book:
Follow them on Instagram (@anilsharmamd) or
Facebook (Sharma Skin and Hair Surgery) and message them.
 Contact them at: 780.476.7970
16923 127th St SW Edmonton, AB

OOTD - Lady In Red

During this time of year I tend to gravitate towards all things bright and more color than usual. This dress is one of those that can be worn year round (I wore it here), but I find myself wanted to get as much wear out as soon as its somewhat warm out. I added a belt to add a little more structure to it and wore this this dress to my work party.

shoes: Christian Louboutin
belt: H&M
purse: Chanel

#Review:My Pillow

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

I heard and ad on the radio about the My Pillow, my current pillow was making my neck and head hurt so I was looking for a new pillow. I looked at ordering them online with a coupon code, but I was too impatient and went to Bed Bath and Beyond and got two pillows. 

One was the green My Pillow.


The other pillow was the classic My Pillow
One thing I did like about the website was you could  see which pillow fit you best based on the size of shirt you wear. According to the website I should've bought a Green My Pillow for myself and a Blue My Pillow, the Blue My Pillow was not available at Bed Bath and Beyond. 

I tried the Green My Pillow but I didn't like it, I couldn't get comfortable. Even though it was firm I sleep on my back, side and stomach throughout the night and it would feel deflated halfway through the night and wasn't good for someone who moves and sleeps in many different positions. 

My Husband likes the My Pillow and he sleeps mostly on his stomach and doesn't move a lot so it might work well for you. There is a 60 day money back guarantee so it doesn't hurt to try it out.

Do you like the My Pillow? What pillow should I try next?

OOTD - Gingham Blouse

Monday, March 11, 2019

I know I said this whole gingham trend might not be for me but this Reitmas crew neck, loose-fitted style was so perfect I had to get it. It can easily be paired with jeans and high heels for a cool summer look, or denim skirt and flats. I love the tie sleeves which I think will be fun to transition into fall.

shirt: Retimans (here)
jeans: Retimans

#BeautyFavourties: March

Thursday, March 7, 2019

I love trying out new products as you know and these are my favourites this month. 
Luna by Luna Translucent Powder- I got this in my @GLOSSYBOX advent calendar, I love it. It works amazingly well and keeps my concealer in place.

Estee Lauder Double Wear - I've picked this before but it's a staple in my make up kit, and it's still needs a shout out.

NYX Wonder Stick- This is an amazing contour stick and so easy to use. I love to use this, even if you aren't new to contour this helps cut down on your morning routine. 
Nip + Fab Hydrate Dragon's Blood Fix Plumping Serum- I also got this in my @GLOSSYBOX advent calendar and I am loving it. It makes my skin silky smooth and plump.

Sunday Riley Tidal- I was looking for a good eye cream and a helpful lady at Sephora gave me a sample of this stuff and I absolutely love it. Not going to lie this product is very pricey so i've been use every last drop of the sample I got. If you have a dupe for this I would love to hear it, comment below.

What are you using this March to combat the cold weather?