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5 Must-Have Drugstore Beauty Buys this Fall

Friday, September 30, 2016

I love when I find really great drugstore products that can replace high end products. Saving money is great! So here are some drugstore products that I find are amazing finds. 

I have dark under eye circles and this product is great. It's light and can be used at night and during the day before you use a corrector and concealer. It's water based so it doesn't give you that heavy, thick paste like texture I find most eye creams have
This is a great under eye corrector,  it  cancels out dark purple with the orangey salmon colour. I use this under my concealer. It's great, and even though it comes in a really small pot it lasts forever because you don't need very much. 
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I fell into the abyss that is Pinterest, I was looking for I don't even know what maybe a new haircut. Anyway as Pinterest has a tendency to do I lost hours, but not without finding this gem. Now I will say I have only had this product for a couple weeks, but I am in love! not only is it an exfoliating face wash but it doubles as a face mask. Anything double duty is alright by me. I love the way it makes my skin feel.
Essie has a new Fall collection and I love all the colours especially the grey. This brand is great, affordable and a good formula. Essie also has quick drying drops to help nail polish dry faster. 
This plum colour is perfect for Fall, I love purple so when I saw this I had to have it! It's great and it goes with every outfit, at least that's what I tell myself to justify buying another lipstick.

What are your top drugstore picks for Fall? 

How I Ran a Spartan Race and Survived

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nermisa is always full of great ideas. New things we must try. Like the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. Remember? And this time it was "Hey, let's run a Spartan. Not the baby one. The SUPER Spartan" Just 13 KM and 28 obstacles. No big deal, right?
As Nermisa appropriately captioned this picture: Reactions are mixed.

But . . .

And here's what I learned about running a Spartan.

1. Spartan racers are actually racing. Real life. Many of them have trained seriously and take this race seriously.
2. This is where they keep the beautiful people. The fit and sexy bodies literally running past you all sweaty and covered in dirt. Yum.
3. You can laugh even when you can barely breathe. They have this hopping obstacle where your legs are stuck together with a rubber band . . . while you jump over boards and hop your way around. For some reason I found this obstacle HILARIOUS. So while laughing hysterically and exhausting myself further - the other "real" Spartans  looked at me like I was crazy (not proven either way) because this is serious stuff.
4. Play on the monkey bars - or something else that requires grip strength. Because while you can burpee-proof yourself, work on your cardio, and get help with many obstacles - the ones the caught me up were the ones that required grip strength.
5. This shit was FUN. Challenge accepted. Challenge completed. And we smiled our faces off.

Give it a go! #aroo

OOTD - Cape Wrap

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

 I’ve been looking for a nice cape for months, and this one from Mango seems like a perfect choice. I love the voluminous shape, knee length is just perfect, and the wool blend is great for cooler fall temperatures. I threw it over a mini dress and added the shoes for pop of color.

cape: Mango
purse: Chanel
shoes: Hudson's Bay
dress: H&M

Top 5 BB Creams

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

As you may know if you read this blog, I tend to get obsessed with a things. Like my post on Hair Tools, Face Masks and Swim Suits I usually fall down a Pinterest hole or look up and it's 2 am and I've been watching beauty vlogs for hours. My new obsession BB creams, I love the light weight coverage and how quick and easy my morning make-up routine is now. I've replaced primer, sunscreen, and moisturizer with my bb cream. Here's a list of my top 5 favourites. 

Tart BB tinted treatment 12-hour primer- This is my favourite BB cream it's light coverage and doesn't feel l am wearing anything on my face, plus I love the fact that it has SPF in it. So what do they do when you fall in love with something they go and change the formula! This no longer has SPF in it and no longer feels the same. This is the whole reason I fell down the Pinterest hole I had to find a replacement. 

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream- This BB cream is 8-in-1 skin perfecter as the ad says it blurs imperfections, brightens, evens skin tone, smoothes, hydrates, enhances, protects with with SPF 30, and 0% oils and heavy ingredients. It really does all it says and it's a light formula, I like light coverage and this has that. 

Physician's Formula Organic Wear BB Cream-  This BB cream is great it has SPF which is one of my main requirements of a BB cream as well as light coverage. I thankfully have normal skin with no issues so I prefer not to have medium or full coverage BB creams. Don't worry though if you do have some skin concerns this formula is buildable. 

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF42- This product gives great coverage without feeling heavy. It comes in a pump form so it's great you don't use too much. 

Burt's Bees BB Cream- This is a newer one that i'm trying out the jury is still out on it. Let me know your thoughts on it. I've made it one of my picks because of the SPF and all the things that are on my list. Let's see how this goes, i'll update you on what I think.

What are your favourite BB Creams? Which one can I try to replace my Tart BB?

OOTD - Navy Pleated Dress

Monday, September 26, 2016

In trying to keep up with my resolution not to shop for new clothes, its been a while since i actually been shopping. This  dress caught my eye & instantly knew I needed it in my life. The structured shape, pleated texture of skirt & perfectly fitting bodice, I pretty much ran to the changing rooms with it! 
I paired with navy sweater and purse for a day at the office. 

sweater: Forever XII
purse: Celine
dress: Cotton
shoes: Aldo
Navy is my go to color every fall. What do you guys think?

OOTD- All in Line

Friday, September 23, 2016

I had to do an interview with one of the sponsors, for event I recently attended. Most of the questions were pretty routine, then she asked me “How would you best describe your (personal) style?” I was almost stunned, and had to actually think a lot about the answer. My answer was “laid back with a twist of classic” but that really isn’t it. I don’t think I have one style I fit in; my personal style is all over the place at best. Some days I am laid back, next day I am over the top and then completely classic. I actually went though my closet and … anything from girly dresses to biker boots and everything in-between was there; Yup like I said my style can be referred to as “well versed in most styles”.

Dress: Simons || Purse: Vintage || Bracelet: Gucci || Watch: Michael Kors || Shoes: Guess

If I could dresses like anyone I would probably want to look like Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham and Sara from White Collar (the character style that is). 
What is your style?  What fashionista do you channel?

I wore this dress, that I picked up at Simons which  is a Canadian department store. They offer everything from house ware to designer duds. It’s like the Nordstroms of the great white north!

Fall Must Reads

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Yep, Fall is upon us! Cooling temperatures, earlier sunsets, falling leaves, and #basicbitch Pumpkin Spice Lattes. One of my favourite things about Fall? More time to read. It seems with the shorter days, I can't wait to crawl under the covers and get lost in a book. So, what shall we read? Here are some of the Fall must reads:

Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race

This book turning movie gets me in the "Girl Power" pocket. The story of the black women mathemeticians who were imperitave to the success of the America's space program is incredibly intriguing, I cannot wait to get my hands on this book!

Future Sex

As a lady (ok, I'm hardly a lady) who found herself in thirties (I'm 29 and holding thank you) and single after over a decade - noticed that things might have changed a bit in the dating world. Emily Witt dives into this exact universe, probably just for me. Fine... and you. Knowledge is power! I probably won't try what's going on on the cover though. But I'm ready to dig into this book.


This might be The Girl on a Train meets Gone Girl from the reviews.  Let's check it out - sans Ben Affleck full frontal - which oddly enough wasn't in book. Don't worry, they have other books for that type of thing.

The Wonder

Another recommendation from me based on a previous book from the same author. I'm sorry, but if you kill it and blow my mind once, that gives you an automatic green light until you disappoint.  If you love Room, then give this one a try. That's what I'm going to do!

Add to your Goodreads shelf

What are you all reading this Fall?