9 Books to Add to Your Reading List in 2020

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Holiday season is behind us and with cool temperatures, the New Year this it seems like the right time to look into what new release books will be coming in 2020! Each year I challenge myself to commit and read at least 20 books, and in 2020 I commit to reading 25.  A little bit of a stretch challenge but it will be fun. Here’s my list of the most anticipated reads of 2020 – I would love to know what you are reading?

The Glass Hotel Emily St.John Mandel 
"Vincent is a bartender at the Hotel Caiette, a five-star glass-and-cedar palace on an island in British Columbia. Jonathan Alkaitis works in finance and owns the hotel. When he passes Vincent his card with a tip, it's the beginning of their life together. That same day, Vincent's half brother, Paul, scrawls a note on a windowed wall of the hotel: "Why don't you swallow broken glass." Leon Prevant, a shipping executive for a company named Neptune-Avramidis, sees the note from the hotel bar and is shaken to his core. Thirteen years later Vincent mysteriously disappears from the deck of a Neptune-Avramidis ship. Weaving together the lives of these characters, The Glass Hotel moves between the ship, the skyscrapers of Manhattan, and the wilderness of northern Vancouver Island, painting a breathtaking picture of greed and guilt, fantasy and delusion, art and the ghosts of our pasts."

You Are Not Alone Greet Hendircks
"Shay Miller has three strikes against her: no job, no apartment, no love in her life. But when she witnesses a perfectly normal looking young woman about her age make the chilling decision to leap in front of an ongoing subway train, Shay realizes she could end up in the same spiral. She is intrigued by a group of women who seem to have it all together, and they invite her with the promise: "You are not alone." Why not align herself with the glamorous and seductive Moore sisters, Cassandra and Jane? They seem to have beaten back their demons, and made a life on their own terms—a life most people can only ever envy. They are everything Shay aspires to be, and they seem to have the keys to getting exactly what they want.
As Shay is pulled deeper and deeper under the spell of the Moore sisters, she finds her life getting better and better. But what price does she have to pay? What do Cassandra and Jane want from her? And what secrets do they, and Shay, have that will come to a deadly confrontation? You are not alone: Is it a promise? Or a threat" 

Chain of Gold Cassandra Clare
"Welcome to Edwardian London, a time of electric lights and long shadows, the celebration of artistic beauty and the wild pursuit of pleasure, with demons waiting in the dark. For years there has been peace in the Shadowhunter world. James and Lucie Herondale, children of the famous Will and Tessa, have grown up in an idyll with their loving friends and family, listening to stories of good defeating evil and love conquering all. But everything changes when the Blackthorn and Carstairs families come to London…and so does a remorseless and inescapable plague.
James Herondale longs for a great love, and thinks he has found it in the beautiful, mysterious Grace Blackthorn. Cordelia Carstairs is desperate to become a hero, save her family from ruin, and keep her secret love for James hidden. When disaster strikes the Shadowhunters, James, Cordelia and their friends are plunged into a wild adventure which will reveal dark and incredible powers, and the true cruel price of being a hero…and falling in love."

The Honey-Don't List Christina Lauren
"Carey Douglas has worked for home remodeling and design gurus Melissa and Rusty Tripp for nearly a decade. A country girl at heart, Carey started in their first store at sixteen, and—more than anyone would suspect—has helped them build an empire. With a new show and a book about to launch, the Tripps are on the verge of superstardom. There’s only one problem: Ameri 
James McCann, MIT graduate and engineering genius, was originally hired as a structural engineer, but the job isn’t all he thought it’d be. The last straw? Both he and Carey must go on book tour with the Tripps and keep the wheels from falling off the proverbial bus.

Unfortunately, neither of them is in any position to quit. Carey needs health insurance, and James has been promised the role of a lifetime if he can just keep the couple on track for a few more weeks. While road-tripping with the Tripps up the West Coast, Carey and James vow to work together to keep their bosses’ secrets hidden, and their own jobs secure. But if they stop playing along—and start playing for keeps—they may have the chance to build something beautiful together…

From the “hilariously zany and heartfelt” (Booklist) Christina Lauren comes a romantic comedy that proves if it’s broke, you might as well fix it ca’s favorite couple can’t stand each other."

If I Never Met You  Mhairi McFarlane
"If faking love is this easy... how do you know when it’s real?
When her partner of over a decade suddenly ends things, Laurie is left reeling—not only because they work at the same law firm and she has to see him every day. Her once perfect life is in shambles and the thought of dating again in the age of Tinder is nothing short of horrifying. When news of her ex’s pregnant girlfriend hits the office grapevine, taking the humiliation lying down is not an option. Then a chance encounter in a broken-down elevator with the office playboy opens up a new possibility.
Jamie Carter doesn’t believe in love, but he needs a respectable, steady girlfriend to impress their bosses. Laurie wants a hot new man to give the rumor mill something else to talk about. It’s the perfect proposition: a fauxmance played out on social media, with strategically staged photographs and a specific end date in mind. With the plan hatched, Laurie and Jamie begin to flaunt their new couple status, to the astonishment—and jealousy—of their friends and colleagues. But there’s a fine line between pretending to be in love and actually falling for your charming, handsome fake boyfriend..."

Network Effect (The Murderbot Diaries, #5) Martha Wells
"I’m usually alone in my head, and that’s where 90 plus percent of my problems are.
 It calls itself Murderbot, but only when no-one can hear. It’s a private joke. Funny.
 It doesn’t care, it tells itself, and its attachment to the humans around it is merely professional obligation.

It tries to never drop the F-bomb.“Friends.”
I’m usually alone in my head, and that’s where 90 plus percent of my problems are.
It calls itself Murderbot, but only when no-one can hear. It’s a private joke. Funny.
 It doesn’t care, it tells itself, and its attachment to the humans around it is merely professional obligation.

It tries to never drop the F-bomb. “Friends.”Ugh. So, when its human associates (not friends, never friends) are captured and another not-friend from its past requires urgent assistance, Murderbot must choose between inertia and drastic action.

Drastic action it is, then. Another F-bomb. “Feelings.”Ugh."

The Unexpected Spy: From the CIA to the FBI, My Secret Life Taking Down Some of the World's Most Notorious Terrorists Tracy Walder
"When Tracy Walder enrolled at the University of Southern California, she never thought that one day she would offer her pink beanbag chair in the Delta Gamma house to a CIA recruiter, or that she’d fly to the Middle East under an alias identity.
The Unexpected Spy is the riveting story of Walder's tenure in the CIA and, later, the FBI. In high-security, steel-walled rooms in Virginia, Walder watched al-Qaeda members with drones as President Bush looked over her shoulder and CIA Director George Tenet brought her donuts. She tracked chemical terrorists and searched the world for Weapons of Mass Destruction. She created a chemical terror chart that someone in the White House altered to convey information she did not have or believe, leading to the Iraq invasion. Driven to stop terrorism, Walder debriefed terrorists―men who swore they’d never speak to a woman―until they gave her leads. She followed trails through North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, shutting down multiple chemical attacks.
Then Walder moved to the FBI, where she worked in counterintelligence. In a single year, she helped take down one of the most notorious foreign spies ever caught on American soil. Catching the bad guys wasn’t a problem in the FBI, but rampant sexism was. Walder left the FBI to teach young women, encouraging them to find a place in the FBI, CIA, State Department or the Senate―and thus change the world."

Paris Never Leaves You: A Novel Ellen Feldman
"Living through WWII working in a Paris bookstore with her young daughter, Vivi, and fighting for her life, Charlotte is no victim, she is a survivor. But can she survive the next chapter of her life?
Alternating between wartime Paris and 1950s New York publishing, Paris Never Leaves You is an extraordinary story of resilience, love, and impossible choices, exploring how survival never comes without a cost.
The war is over, but the past is never past."

The Antidote for Everything  Kimmery Martin
"Georgia Brown’s profession as a urologist requires her to interact with plenty of naked men, but her romantic prospects have fizzled. The most important person in her life is her friend Jonah Tsukada, a funny, empathetic family medicine doctor who works at the same hospital in Charleston, South Carolina and who has become as close as family to her.
Just after Georgia leaves the country for a medical conference, Jonah shares startling news. The hospital is instructing doctors to stop providing medical care for transgender patients. Jonah, a gay man, is the first to be fired when he refuses to abandon his patients. Stunned by the predicament of her closest friend, Georgia’s natural instinct is to fight alongside him. But when her attempts to address the situation result in incalculable harm, both Georgia and Jonah find themselves facing the loss of much more than their careers"


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Little black dresses are timeless anyways but one in a while you find a LBD that's just above traditional styles. I found this dress at Simons and have been obsessed. I get ton of compliments on it - and I think I can transition it to summer with cute sandals or converse. 

dress: Simons

The Best Advent Calendars to Gift

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

I love Christmas I love buying gifts, I love getting gifts, I love spending time with family and spoiling the little ones. I also love the time off, I definitely did not appreciate it enough when I was younger and in school. One gift that keeps giving are advent calendars here are my favourites.
Betsy Johnson Women's Sock Advent Calendar - These socks are so cute, and they feel soft. For anyone on your list that loves funky, cool socks you should get them this calendar.

Ilchester® Cheese Advent Calendar- A blogger created a cheese advent calendar in 2016, I don't know how this didn't exist earlier. Who doesn't love cheese! This calendar will be a hit with anyone.

Glossybox Advent Calendar- This is any make up lovers dream. You get so many really good quality items. I won an advent calendar last year and it was the best, I still have some products I use and it came with make up brush and hair ties, so worth the money. 

Chocolate Advent Calendar- I was going to pick just one but I felt like that would be too controversial. Whatever your favourite is, or the person you are buying for get it for them. Especially if they are obsessed with chocolate. There are so many Reese, Godiva, Hersheys, Lindt, or Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Liquor Advent Calendar- There are different ones again I couldn't pick just one. There's calendars for whiskey, beer, hard seltzer, tequila, sparkling wine, rum and finally vodka. I know I named a lot but this is important so many people would love this gift. 

What is your favourite advent calendar? 

2019 Gift Guide for Moms

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Finding gifts to give mom is hard - you wanna find gifts she will adore. Today we rounded up gifts for mom that are are thoughtful, warm, and unique just like our moms.  From fabulous jewelry to fun accessories and more, here are shoppable gifts for mom to show her how much you care:

Some of the links are affiliate links. If you buy something through some our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

2019 Gift Guide for Brothers

If you are looking for a gift for your brother,  you have come to the right place. We rounded up some awesome gifts for your big brother, little brother, twin brother or even the dude who's always been like a brother to you.

Some of the links are affiliate links. If you buy something through some our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

2019 Gift Guide for Dads

We rounded up the best gifts we could find for every type of dad. From golf dads and tech dads and dads who drink beer, and dads who fish and dads who have been giving you stuff since you were born. Here are some fresh and unique gifts for dad:
This is a fully shopable guide (as the feedback was that too many individual links was too hard to shop with). Let me know what you think

Some of the links are affiliate links. If you buy something through some our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.

There is a Subscription For That - 2019 #GiftGuide

Saturday, December 7, 2019

As this decade ends, you can get a subscription to pretty much, well anything. Subscription services are a great solution, especially for those hard to buy people. Each month or quarter they get a gift filled with treats that are promise to delight. Even better its great for those who hate shopping but wanna try new things.

Most  subscription services are super simple to starter and you can customize them, here are the services I absolutely love:

Fab Fit Fun.
You guys know I love FabFitFun - its costs $49.99 each season, and you get the box filled with 8-10 full-sized, premium products valued at over $200. There is some customization each season. Use code NOMEROVIC and get $10 off your first box.

Frock Box.
I love Frock Box because it includes Canadian brands and labels but also that is fully inclusive. You can get sizes from 0 to 3XL. How it works - you get few times sent to you, as long as you keep one article of clothing they send you, you don't pay the $25 fee, just the cost of what you kept. Items range between 25-300/piece. 

I love TruLocal - anyone that delivers food for me is a winner in my book. TurLocal is a monthly meat delivery. If you are like me and NEVER have time to drive out to the butcher and hate buying meat at grocery stores because there is never a proper size/amount, this is for you. truLOCAL lets you shop for clean, locally sourced meat products online, and our convenient delivery means fewer trips to the grocery store. Starting around $99

Frank and Oak.
Frank and Oak is similar to Frock box - every month you get 3 items, ranging from $25-$150 and as long as you keep one there is no fee. They focus on sustainable, ethically sourced, minimalist style. I love that they do both men and women's styles.

CAUSEBOX is a seasonal box where you get a limited edition curation of products from the leading socially conscious brands. They send you things that are  designed exclusively for Causebox and there is art work included in each box. I love the idea of ethically sourced boxes. Its $49.99 -$54.99 each season depending on your billing.

Box of style was founded and is curated seasonally by Rachel Zoe. The box focuses more on the high end luxury fashion and beauty. They ship for free to US and there is a $15 shipping fee to Canada. Each Box of Style contains at least five full-size fashion and beauty products valued at over $400. To subscribe, style enthusiasts can choose from two subscription options: a Seasonal Membership at $99.99 per quarter, or an Annual Membership of $349.99 per year.

Which subscription services have you tried and love?

Some of the links are affiliate links. If you buy something through some our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We recommend only products we genuinely like. Thank you so much.