Five Best Places For Solo Travel

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Do you travel alone? If you read this post here, you know that I have, and I actually enjoy it. Saying that, I wouldn't travel alone to few places because I wouldn't feel safe. I did some research and here are 5 places that are best for solo travel.


Switzerland, is known as county that minds its own business, so it no surprise that many people add it is a natural choice for solo travelers.  I would recommend starting with a couple of days in stately, pedestrian-friendly Zurich and then head south to the shores of Lake Geneva for the bistros, nightlife, and museums of Montreux and Lausanne before carrying on to the Italian-speaking Ticino region. All you need is good walking shoes and a Swiss Rail Pass—good for every train, tram, and lake steamer.


I stand behind the fact everyone should visit Canada (and not only because we are a Canadian blog), the country offers beautiful landscapes, amazing mountains, lakes and offers a very long must see list. Canada however is a very large country. If you are looking to explore solo, you should add, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland to your list.  Not only are all three provinces beautiful but there are ton of things you can do on your own, and still be safe.

Sweden like Canada is a very large country. The cities are spread through out, with ton of park and lakes in between and charming cities and towns you can visit are endless. If you are looking to travel solo and Sweden is on your list I would maybe stay away from Malmo but add places like Stockholm, Jönköping, Habo, Växjö, and Norrkoping to your list. I have been to both to Stockholm alone and while its amongst Sweden's biggest cities there was ton to do, and at no point did I feel unsafe. It’s easy to be a solo traveler in Stockholm, a compact city surrounded by the waters of the small chain of islands; you can get around on the bike or walking.

Letters to LALA Land loves Cuba. We have traveled many places but Cuba left a lasting impression, especially on me. We have been 3 times and have always felt safe, well taken care off and the beaches alone are worth the visit. The people are nice and make you feel like you belong. Between the beaches, stunning architecture, friendly people and together with low crime rates, means solo travel is rewarding and safe in Cuba

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bosnia and Herzegovina has it all (and I am not only saying this because I am Bosnian), from lush green landscapes, unspoiled nature, incredible views, most amazing food, to friendly people. In the south (Neum) you will find a small stretch of the coastline with crystal clear waters, and most scenic countryside that changes at almost every turn. So if you are looking for beautiful landscapes, ton of things to do, a little history lesson along the way you are in for a treat.  It’s a perfect place to bike, hike, raft or swim or just sit in a beautiful café shops reading a book. Despites its turbulent past Bosnia is safe and tourists are very welcomed and you will meet people from all over the world fast.

What do you guys think? I have visited all 5 and have nothing but an amazing experience. If you were to Google the safest ranked cities or countries these five might not be on the top. I am a strong believer that there has to be a balance of safety, adventure and things to see and do to make it a perfect place for solo travel and those are the basis I made this list on.

4 Ways to Improve Your Life-Work Balance Today

Most of us have to work, well because money. Many of us have two jobs, and finding a life work balance is hard. Yes, I call it a life work balance - because life should come first. I have a full time job where I spend a lot of time; but its not just the 37.5 hours I have to be at work at, its the client meetings, trying to develop new business and volunteering for work on top of regular work hours that take time. Most days, I come home from my 9-5 and have things for the blog, or have one of other-duties-as-assigned-work thing I have to do. So how do you create a balance?

Have a set schedule and stick to it.
My daily job is fairly structured, so once I started blogging I knew I needed to do the same. Set a time to work on the blog,  respond to e-mails etc. At the beginning I would use all my free time to work on blog things, respond to social media etc. but it was too much. It felt like I was leaving work, to go home and work some more. Now days, I work on posts on Monday and Wednesday evenings, shoot photos on Sundays, and respond to e-mails through the day but don't check my e-mail after 5:30PM.

Set Boundaries.
Since we don't live in a perfect world, most of us will never achieve a perfect separation between work life and personal life. Your goal should be a balance between two, not completely different worlds. Working overtime doesn't always mean you are getting more done - studies show that people who put a lot of overtime are more prone to burnout and making mistakes. You can never expect yourself (or employees) to be on call 24 hours a day - so set limits of when and what work looks like; what does your free time look like etc.

My phone beeps, my e-mail dings and I drop everything to check it. Its one of those awful habits I picked up  early in my career that my life revolves around responding to e-mails/text/calls/social media as soon as it happens. In sales roles, your business (and income) sometimes depend on being timely, but everything might appear urgent, not everything is important. Pick you battles. Put your phone on silent (or shut it off, I know the horror!), close your laptop for an hour here and there. All those things will be there once you are back.

Take "me" time.
Do something just for you at least once a week. Take time do nothing, read a book, got for a walk, hot yoga - whatever makes you happy. Work is important, but you enter life should not revolve around it. Blogging is my creative outlet and one of my favorite things to do, but its a passion of mine that sometimes is a lot like work. Find something that you can do that has nothing to do with your work, even if your job is your passion. Its nice not to have to work, at least once in a while.

People who manage to have a strong life work balance are usually more productive, happier and make better employees.

OOTD - Causal Days

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Couple of weeks back we had a meeting, everyone was just hanging out in the living room, mostly in yoga plans and sweats and I showed up in jeans. A comfortable paid of denim is my go chill wear. Is that weird? 

denim: Levis
shirt: Simons
sweater: Nordstrom
shoes: Adidas 
purse: Winners 

Top 5 Movies You Gotta Check Out

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Here are my top 5 movie picks you gotta check out, I have watched all the trailers and I cannot wait to check out all of these movies.
Tomb RaiderLara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she finds herself on the island where her father disappeared. This movie does not have Angelina Jolie, I love the idea of bringing this franchise back and instead of going further into the future, going back in time to the beginning. 

Deadpool 2- There's no synopsis for this on IMDb but there is no need the first movie was hilarious, and the second will be too. Ryan Reynolds is the perfect actor for this character, thank goodness this went better than Green Lantern. Just watch the trailer and then go see it. 

Red SparrowBallerina Dominika Egorova is recruited to 'Sparrow School,' a Russian intelligence service where she is forced to use her body as a weapon. Her first mission, targeting a C.I.A. agent, threatens to unravel the security of both nations. I do love that Jennifer Lawrence is changing things up with this role, I love how she picks things so different every time she does a movie. I do have to say though, my Russian accent is better. 

A Wrinkle TimeAfter the disappearance of her scientist father, three peculiar beings send Meg, her brother, and her friend to space in order to find him. Mindy Kaling, Reese Witherspoon AND Oprah Winfrey all in one movie and a huge movie to boot, a must see for sure!

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald- The second instalment of the "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" franchise which follows the adventures of Newt Scamander. I love the Harry Potter franchise and I have to say I was a little disappointed with the first one but I have to keep going. Maybe it'll be like the Twilight gets better as you go on. I really hope so. 

What are you watching?

OOTD - Odd Pairings

Monday, March 19, 2018

People say opposites attract. I especially believe that in my outfits. Combining things that traditionally would be put together like suits that look like PJS, or sweatpants with heels or pretty midi skirt with sweatshirts. I love combining odd pairings allows me to make most of my closet. This outfit is comfortable and perfect for brunch.

skirt: Marshalls
shirt: c/o Brunette the label
shoes: Aldo
purse: Winners

Winter Comfort - Hearty Stuffed Eggplant

Friday, March 16, 2018

It might be this never-ending winter that is finally getting to me, but I have been on a search for inspired ways to fulfill my comfort food cravings but not have card overload on a repeat. I have never been one of those people who enjoy healthy food, or ones that “forget to eat” I am hungry every two hours and need food to function. So I improved, I combined some of my favorite spices and added ton of vegetables to make it healthy.
What you need:
four eggplants
2tbsp of olive oil or butter.
500 gm ground turkey
2 cloves of garlic minced
half a red onion minced
10 mushrooms sliced
1 tsp of paprika
1 tsp of cumin
1 tsp of vegeta
1/2 cup bread crumbs or panko mixture
2tbsp of parmesan cheese

How to make it:
In a sauce pan combined turkey, onions, garlic, mushrooms, and your spices. Cook for about 10-12 minutes of medium heat. Stir occasionally.
In mean time, slice your egg plans, season with salt and pepper, place them in a sauce pan cook on medium heat till your egg plant is starting to brown, take it off.
Stuff eggplants with mixture, top with ptarmigan cheese mixture (mix parmesan cheese and crumbs)and bake for 25-30 minutes until the eggplant feels soft and the crumbs have browned.
*This recipe makes 4 servings. You can just add more eggplants and make more mixture and voila. You can use ground beef (it turns out just as good) or opt out for all vegetables option (I have never done it but it could work)

**My brother and dad are usually people who taste test all my food. Both love this but wished that there was some kind of sauce. Maybe a tomato sauce of some sort.

Beauty Favorites: March

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Every winter without a fail the drop in temperate, lack of sunny weather and long harsh winter is always so rough on my skin, and yet I am never prepared for it. I try and make taking care of my skin a priority, and since I have very sensitive skin trying out new skin care products sometimes is a risk. However I think that at this point, I have become really good at identifying when makes my skin worse or better and what product actually works. These are my March dry skin- recovering from winter favourites.

OLEHENRIKSEN Transforming Walnut Scrub:
A good deep cleanser is a must have! After a long winter, make-up, lack of sleep and lack of sun my skin starts looking a little dull and uneven.  A friend recommended this scrub and I picked it up. I love how it feels on the skin, and it leaves your skin feeling so soft to touch. I have used it for about two weeks and my skin hasn't looked this great in years.  It also smells pretty amazing, I was worried that the fact it has a scent would make me break out but two weeks in and my skin is all good.

LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask:
Previous to getting a trail kit to try I have never tried a sleeping mask of any sort. This is an overnight, moisture-recharging gel mask that quickly absorbs while you sleep to deeply hydrate skin. After first use I could notice my skin feeling better. This product also as a little bit of a scent and since  I have sensitive skin I was a tad worried but two weeks later and I can apply this product freely knowing that it will not break me out or make me oily. It hydrates the skin and leaves your skin feeling super soft.

 Philosophy Clear Days Ahead™ Fast-Acting Salicylic Acid Acne Spot Treatment:
One of my issues that my skin is so annoyingly sensitive and that it still breaks out. One of the things my skin does not play well is salicylic acid. I took a chance on this and I found this to be an effective spot treatment that does not overly dry the skin, even though the active ingredient is 2% salicylic acid. Worked well to clear up my skin in about two days.
LANEIGE Water Bank Serum:
This Serum is a must-have favorite in my skincare routine.  I do use it before my moisturizer and my night routine. I love using this in winter because between dry and dull skin and this helps my skin feel moisturized and soft. 

What are your favourite winter skin care products?