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My name is Nermisa and I 'm based out of Edmonton, Canada. Letters toLA LA Land started as a space for creative self-expression – a web-based place to call my own. I have always been what some people would call a nerd. School came naturally to me and books make more sense than people. I was a little awkward and little odd growing up in a country so different from my home which made for some hard times. In order to improve my self-confidence and to show at least one person that being different is a good thing, I wanted to share my stories.

As a child, I would get completely absorbed in a book or telling a story that my parents would ask if I got lost in LA LA Land. This is where the name “Letters to LA LA Land” came from. I love everything to do with self-improvement, fashion and travel; Letters to LA LA Land is an outlet to discuss it all! 


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  ** Disclosure: Letters to LA LA Land is a for-profit blog. I will only promote individuals/businesses/blogs that I feel are in line with my readership and I reserve the right to terminate any sponsorship at any time due to conflicts of interest.


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