Thursdays and QOTD

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some days life gets hard.
Some days you are just tired .
Those are the days to push through & make history.

This has been one exceptionally long week, and it only Thursday. I think living in hotels and eating rather unhealthy foods is getting to me… For the last 9 weeks I have stayed in a hotel, and with my job this will just continue. I laughed yesterday thinking Zack and Cody, the suite life didn’t prepare me for this (Ha! Yes, I just referenced a kid’s show) Here is few things about living at a hotel that I could get used to:
1)         Chores free! I don’t have to do any of it. The hotel wonderful maid services keeps things tidy.
2)         Gym and Pool access! Want to work out at 3am, sure why not. Wanna go for a swim, the pool is your (and in most hotels, I have the pool to myself)
3)         Room Service/24 hour Front Desk: If you are lazy and don’t wanna leave your room to get food, don’t worry there is a solution for that. You have something delivered (food or a package) the lovely front end staff with get it for you.
4)         Complimentary Breakfast – This only not saves you money but it actually entices you to have breakfast which we all know is the most important meal of the day.

The downfall of living in a hotel is the fact that the “do not disturb” doesn’t come standard… I also miss cooking and my kitchen. Few essentials that are a must (for me)…
 Water bottles (yes, more then one).
        Coffee travel mug.
 Humidifier. They come portable and it makes a huge difference.
 Weights and/or a work out DVD.
Candles. At least it smells like home

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Happy Thursday.


  1. haha Zack and Cody! I lived/worked out of a hotel for 2 months and it was an interesting experience to say the least. Loved picking up extra fruit at breakfast to snack on later and pool access, but there were def disadvantages. Great tip about the humidifier..... never thought of that!! Thanks :)

    1. I agree. Grabbing fruits for snacks is a great idea.

      Thanks fo reading xo