Best wishes

Friday, August 23, 2013

As many of you might know my not-so-little-anymore bother plays soccer.  He plays for Inter 98. They had an amazing season, and even tho they are younger then everyone else in their league, they qualified for Provincials where they get compete for a place at Nationals. 

("welcome back" picture from Nationals last year)

Inter98 plays today & I wish them best of luck. This is one amazing group of young men who love the game of football. They finished first in Provincials last year & placed second at Nationals. This little Edmonton team is once again on road to National Soccer Championship. Today they will try and do it all again; win Provincials and earn a place at Nationals ... except in an older league. 

Best of Luck INTER98. Play the best game you can, leave it all on the field. 

(Inter98 after winning last Provincials)

Best of luck Elvis and kick some butt for me. I m extremely proud of you.

Happy Provincials.
& may the odds ever be in your favour.