Up close and personal: that one great love

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today we are gonna get more serious and get a little more personal. Since I m living out of a hotel, I have had plenty of time to do bunch of reading and catching up on TV. Last night I read this on Elite Daily… and I couldn’t agree more. It’s a great piece written by Paul Hudson, about why The Hook-Up culture only exists because this generation has never properly fallen in love. (This would be the serious talkJ)


I have been single for a fairly long time now. I’ve never been a person to have random hook-ups and I am not big on dating for hell of having someone around. I want something better; I want the over the top love, someone to give me butterflies every time I see them, someone who completes me and makes me better. I want great love not just good kind of love. & this kind of love does exist. This is where the article and I agree on!

Anyone that has had someone in their life that showed them that great things are possible and that do not settle for just OK things only because they don’t want to alone will have a hard time dating. Once again, this where I agree with Paul. I blame my ex (who for his own privacy, shell remains nameless). It is his fault I now hold all guys to his standard of what a relationship should be… and that standard is set somewhere between great and romantic movie kind of love. Don’t get me wrong, we were a total fuc*ing mess by the end, that’s why he is an ex but before it all went to hell there was a long period of time that our relationship was breathtaking, over the top and wonderful.

Its now three years later and I m still waiting for someone to give me that feeling; you know where you get butterflies every time they are around, make you knees weak, and make you want to be a better you. My friends (and society) for most part, don’t see it like I do. They think I should be out there dating people and hooking-up because in their eyes it the only way. One of my girlfriends always says “You have to kiss lots of frogs, before one turns into a prince”. Fine, to a point I see what she means, but the risk with that is (like the article says) you end up just settling at some point. Last summer, under pressure of my friends, I started dating someone…even though I knew he was not for me. He was a great guy and I wish him all the best but he was not great for me; not even good for me.

Is it completely wrong to want a great love? To want romance? Or is the new standard finding someone whose company you like but that’s it?


  1. First, I love you N. Second: As that one friend that give you that advice tell her she is crazy (I will require written notice :P). Its not that society and your friends disagree; we just think there is too much risk waiting for greatness. Time seems to get away from us... its can be scary. It is not crazy to want Romance and Love like that. Elite Daily said it right; Most of us not being truly in love has made one night stands and random hook ups acceptable.

    1. Hahaha I will sent that in written notice. Should be in the mail today.

      love you to A.

  2. Never chnage way you see things and never compromise; not when it comes to Love. Great post by both you and Paul.

    1. Thanks Natasha. I love Paul. All his posts on Elite are awesome.

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog on bloglovin... I love that you have actual content and not just pretty pictures and bunch of nonsense about how cute your cat is and how you had a bad day and lock yourself out of your home. For a new lifestyle blog you are doing awesome; Its true content like your La La land life series that will set you apart.

    I agree; there has to be great love. Never compromise for anything, especially love.

  4. I'm with you all the way. My boyfriend of 2+ years and I just broke up. At the end we were on the downhill, but for a while there it was great. I think I'll always want that great love.