Get her style: Jennifer Lawrence

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

 Jennifer Lawrence is one of the biggest names in Hollywood now, she is also been my favourite forever; I love that she is real and wont let fame or fortune mess with that. You know how on instagram and twitter everyone is doing #WCW, well she is my women crash everyday and probably will continue for an extremely long time. I had a hard time picking one outfit, manly because I wanted to keep looking at pictures of her.

I chose this specific outfit because its so feminine and elegant. It also made me think of spring… which in Canada isn’t coming any time soon. What do you think? Do you like Jennifer’s style?

Image 4 of ASOS Full Midi Skirt with Tiered Seam Detail Image 1 of BACK By Ann-Sofie Back Collarless Dart Blouse
Skirt: Similar       Blouse: Similar
Image 1 of ASOS HAPPY HOUR Heeled Sandals Image 1 of ASOS Chunky Metal Keeper Waist Belt
Shoes: Similar     Belt:Similar

I managed to replicate entire outfit via ASOS. Anytime I need inspiration or just wants find new things I check ASOS out. Have you ever got stuff from them?

(all images from google or clothing websites)


  1. Love Jennifers style! Great post Nermisa! Those shoes... gorgeous!