Trend: Full skirt

Monday, May 5, 2014

Ever since Carrie Bradsahw war a tutu and a full skirt in Sex and the City I was obsessed. As much as I LOVED the trend I found it hard to find a nice fitting full skirt... But it was more then that; it was hard to find a place to wear it in Edmonton.

The trend cought on and from NYFW runways to the streets, it is now here and most brands carry their version of it. It's so 80s meet IT girl. I m loving it.

This is one of my favourite ones I found. The lace is feminine and the bow makes it perfect.
The pockets! Anything with pockets sells the outfit to me. You won't believe how many dresses and skirts I own strictly because they have pockets.
The short full skirt might work better for a lot of us; it's more practical for work and making it work for day and night.
I am on the search for this perfect skirt. I have been unable to figure out who the designer is, BUT I MUST FIND IT.

Would you wear a full skirt?