Why married people are so different then single people?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Since I m born in November I was a year ahead in school. My friends have always been older because of that. When I moved to Canada, I skipped grade 9 completely putting even more separation between people my age and me.
Mainly because of where I went to high school a lot of people didn't go on to university, those that did and I continued way we did before; you know study, party, travel with little worry in the world. Those who didn't started getting married and having things before I finished my second year of university. Ok, weird but to each its own.

After 4 years, of what I still consider pretty awesome part of my life, I graduated and was expected to go and get a job and live my life. If you remember reading this, I took a little break.  I decided to focus on my career; and before I knew, my Facebook was blowing up with what seems was my entire graduating class getting married and having kids. At this point, I felt a little bit left out...

When my close friends (of nearly ten years) got married and had kids we slowly fell apart. I was amazed how much people change after marriage and/or having kids. I felt we had nothing to talk about; I don't know anything about kids & frankly not interested. I cant remember what show it was, when they make fun of "we people" but thats what I felt. Here I was, giving it all I got at work, traveling and surrounded with "we people". Closest friends of mine would bring their husbands for coffee/dinner/movies or whatever it was. At one point if my girlfriend would say she is coming I would have to always count plus one. Not that I don't like her spouse, I do, but you can't talk you used to when you have a "stranger" just sitting there. Year or so later, we had completely separate lives where neither fit into the others.

Is it crazy that one simple event like that can alter a friendship completely? What do you think?


  1. I'm always afraid of growing apart from my best friend. We were childhood friends and she recently got married. Although I am happy for her, I feel a little bit more distant (maybe because she is now in another country). I completely understand where you are coming from here.

    1. Its crazy how one event can change so much. Yes we are happy for them but somethings will never be the same.