Packing tips

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

(Image sent to me from a friend; if you know the right source please let me know)

I love to travel but I sometimes hate packing. There is so much pressure to bring the right things and not to forget anything that I always manage to forget something. I laugh and remember my sister packing, who one year arrived in Europe and she packed one shoe, for two pairs of shoes. She notorious for over packing; she takes a fully loaded bag for a two day trip and is constantly throwing stuff in the her carry-on or trunk of the car. I m going to Denver for few days and since I have never been there I am having a hard time packing. Packing for a weekend away isn’t an exact science unfortunately. I wish I could tell you “bring two dresses, shorts and a pair of jeans.” and that’s that.  Packing for short trips (or any trip for that matter)depends on where you’re going, the weather, and your personal style. However, I do have some tips I can offer to help you pack for success.

First, think of what you’ll actually need; what will you be doing? Does it require you to dress up? Check the weather …. Then you can start thinking about things you want to bring. Bottom line of successfully packing: Pack what makes you feel your best and what won’t hold you back from adventure.

Some other important tips:
           Make a list of things you need (think essentials: Travel documents, Credit cards, toiletries etc)
           When packing I try and pack outfits. This will save you both time when you arrive to your destination and prevent over packing.
           Jewelry! It can change an entire outfit, so make sure you pack some
           If I am traveling for less then a full week, I don’t check a bag. I try and make it fit in a carry on. This way you can get to your adventure and not wait for your checked bags or worst case scenario, you bag doesn’t show up)

What do you do when packing for a short trip? Any tips? Have you ever been to Denver? What are some must see and do things?