Lets talk about hair....

Thursday, December 9, 2021

My hair is pin straight and has a mind of its own but yesterday I had a good hair day.  I don't make that claim often (almost ever, actually), but I had attempted to curl my hair night before and this morning it just had a slight wave that sadly I won't be able to replicate ever again. Also, weirdly enough the curls that did stay, lasted all day at work. I am pretty sure I am part boy when it come to hair and make up; I'm clueless what it comes to styling my hair (pony tail on top of my head is good as it gets most days) and my make up routine is somewhere between 3 minute face and 5 minute face if I am actually trying that day. I know hair toppers are great for styling whether you suffer from hair loss or not. Thankfully now days there is Pinterest (you can see mine here), I've rounded up a few images of people who seem to always have a great hair day:
Nina Dobrev || Perfect straight hair
Blake Lively || Perfect half up curls hair-do
Lauren Conrad || Perfect high ponytail
Eva Longoria || Perfect Up-do
Carrie Bradshaw || Perfect bun-up-do
images via google/pinterest
I have also found few tips for having more good hair days:
1) Straight hair is better and more manageable on day two. I wash my hair everyday but if you can refrain you hair will work with you.
2) Salon/Quality products are a big deal. Invest in what you use on your wisely; I am not saying go get a 60 shampoo and conditioner but find what works for you.
3) Try doing different things; Pinterest is great for ideas and most people post step by step instructions. After one or two tries you will get there.

What products to you swear by? What do you with your hair? Any tips or trick you are willing to share?