Thursday, November 6, 2014

I'm a firm believer that a pair of sunglasses can completely transform your entire look. Sometimes that's a bad thing, as was the case with the massive white shades I sported all throughout college.... or oversized sunglasses that covered most of my face (#fail).
Since then, I've learned from my mistakes and now adhere to a few simple rules to ensure that I find a pair of glasses that fits just right:
1) Know your face shape; this is essential when trying to find a perfect pair of glasses.
2) Try different styles, especially ones that you would nerve think to do so... you will be surprised how well they might work.
3) Ask the experts (at the store) for recommendations.
4) Rule of tomb:  a)if you have a "square shaped face" get round glasses to balance your face
b) if you have an "opal shaped face", you are lucky everything works with you, but pay attention to size as sometimes small glasses won't work c) if you have a "heart shaped face" try something along the lines of aviators or "cat-eye" shape sunglasses
5) Find a frame colour that works with your skin tone and hair.

I swear by classic ray-bans. I probably own 4 different ones. What sunglasses do you wear? Do you have any tips on how to pick a perfect paid of sunglasses?