10 before 30: Collect moments not things.

Monday, December 8, 2014

If you remember as part of my 10 before 30, I wanted to be happy. That might seem funny & weird but how many people do you know that can say are genuinely happy about life? I wrote about being happy and what it takes ,so using some of those and coming to terms with a lot of things I can sincerely say I am happy.  Somewhere along the way I learned that being happy doesn’t mean having everything you wanted and doing all the things you though you would do. I always did my best to try be happy but something was always lacking. It wasn’t until I got to Sarajevo and hugged my grandma that it donned on me. It’s the people and memories that made happy, it’s the way that city made me feel, way I smiled and laughed more often when I was with old friends and family; its brought the best out in me. As all other times I was there, I knew I couldn’t stay and that me being truly happy was temporary, I  decided that this time it would be different. It had to be. One of the sleepless nights I thought about what was it about being in Bosnia that made everything better, list got long pretty fast… however most of it could be applied to anywhere, it was all about how I approached things. I chose to be happy when I was there because all the things I loved where there and some of the best memories and times where with family and friends there. I came to terms that I have to make living in Edmonton work the same way, after all it was worth a shot. Next  morning I felt like a huge burden was lifted of my shoulders…  Lesson in this whole thing: life is what you make it, your happiness included. You can not be happy if you chose to see life as glass half empty.

xo Nermisa