Magic of December

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I love Holiday seasons. People are happier and cheery, wine and champaign are plentiful and your loved ones are usually close by. As a kid, winter holidays were magical, last day of classes in December meant hot chocolate by the fire, days spend playing in the snow with my siblings,  endless books and TV time and there was no limit to amount of cookies you were allowed to eat. 
image via pinterest.

 As an adult I get so busy, and December gets so hectic and before I know its over and I missed the magic of it. Even tho, I've accepted the fact that the holidays are different now than they were when I was a kid, I refuse to accept that holidays should be any less enjoyable. 
I plan make this month December just as magical, filled with all the little things that made me so happy as a kid.

Five things to do this December:
1) build a snowman
2) make time to sit by the fire and read a book
3) bake as many cookies, cakes and pastries as possible in one day and take them to friends and neighbours.
4) go sledding.
5) spend time outside

get to know me fact: Christmas is not part of my culture but I love the idea behind it; spending time with your loved ones, sharing food and joy,  and getting them gifts is a great reason to celebrate Christmas.