Sunspel- Luxury everyday clothing.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I recently got introduced to a brand called Sunspel. Have you ever heard of it? Sunspel is a British brand that was founded by Thomas A Hill in 1860. The brand is about everyday men and womens luxury clothing. The idea behind the brand was to make simple, everyday basics with beautiful and timeless fabrics. After browsing their website its needless to say, all the pieces are effortlessly cool. I will be definitely putting few of those on my Christmas wish list this year.

I'd love to wear that charcoal dress on dinner dates, and how great is the navy loopback sweatshirt?

Sunspel offers timeless pieces, crafter with wool, loopback cotton and cashmere; pieces that can be styled for any occasion and that can effortlessly be dressed up or down.
For their entire timeless and wonderful collection for women and men check out
What is on you wish list this Christmas?

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  2. As an online money maker I don't get much time to spend outside my house, so I love those rare occasions when I can where my classy dresses. Your charcoal one is just an amazing thing.