New year, new-ish me: an update.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Last week we I posted a list I wrote as a year end project for my high school; today I m gonna update you with all the things I have finished this far... 
As this clever image (found via Pinterest) says, time to get to it.

  1. Fall in love
  2. Go to University
  3. Dye your hair black
  4. Give gifts without expecting anything in return
  5. Become a teacher
  6. Do yoga
  7. Learn how to cook
  8. Learn how to juggle
  9. Ride a horse
  10. Travel by yourself
  11. Go on a cruise
  12. See the Northern Lights
  13. Host a dinner party
  14. Be a maid of honour
  15. Go to New York
  16. Get A. to take you to prom
  17. Adopt a child
  18. Travel somewhere by a train (Denmark to Sweden 2012)
  19. Swim/Float in the dead sea
  20. Eat fried dessert
  21. Dance the Macarena 
  22. Visit every content at least once
  23. Live in another country (Moved to Canada in 2001)
  24. Solve a Rubik's cube
  25. Learn how to speak another language (English, 2001)
  26. Go to Bora Bora
  27. Go fishing
  28. Write a blog (oh, here is where LetterstoLALAland came from... many moons ago)
  29. Volunteer in a 3rd world county
  30. Sing on live TV (why did I want this? RTV Vogosca 1998)
  31. Make your parents proud
  32. Ride a motorcycle (2013, Thanks James)
  33. Get a ride in a hot air balloon
  34. Run a marathon
  35. Be a boss (does assonant boss count?)
  36. Go to Paris
  37. Play soccer (F.C Hustlers 2013-present)
  38. Go sky diving
  39. Learn how to wear make up
  40. Go to Hawaii
  41. Fly an airplane (2008, Thanks Paul B.)
  42. Swim with the sharks
  43. Get drunk (some things we don't talk about ... its like fight club!)
  44. Bungee jump
  45. Swim with dolphins
  46. Go on a safari
  47. Learn how to surf
  48. Go scuba diving
  49. Give a public speech (oh hello grad & loads of work events! still hate public speaking)
  50. Have a home library
  51. Rock climb
  52. Party in Las Vegas
  53. Play the guitar
  54. See the solar eclipse 
  55. Sleep outside under the stars
  56. Read 100 books 
  57. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge
  58. Get a Bachelors/Masters Degree
  59. Go to Madrid
  60. Ride a rollercoaster
  61. Fly a kite
  62. Be in a movie
  63. Meet Iker Casillas 
  64. Go skiing
  65. Shot a gun
  66. Go to hot springs
  67. See a glacier
  68. Watch a movie in a drive in theatre
  69. Go to Oktoberfest
  70. Watch the Olympics in person
  71. Drive across the entire country
  72. Go to Machu Pichu
  73. Be happy.
  74. Get a drives licence
  75. Backpack though Europe
  76. Plant a tree
  77. Adopt a child
  78. Go to Blue Mosque (2012, most beautiful place ever)
  79. Help a stranger
  80. Go skinny dipping (this is also fight club!)
  81. Learn how to swim
  82. Watch the opera live
  83. Party all day and night in Ibiza
  84. Buy a house
  85. Ride a camel
  86. Be in a fashion show
  87. Shave your head
  88. Learn how to dance
  89. Go white water rafting
  90. Sail
  91. Travel across the world
  92. Write a book
  93. Design a dress
  94. See E&E grow up and be happy
  95. Learn how to knit
  96. Buy a professional camera
  97. Go to a roof top party
  98. Dance in the rain
  99. Watch a world cup game live
  100. Go camping
Happy resolutions.