Travel: 10 reasons to visit Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thursday, January 22, 2015

To kick off the Travel Diary Series  First up Sarajevo! Sarajevo is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. I could be a little bias because this is home for me but I think is more that that. The architecture, the culture, the food, the atmosphere, the people is what makes Sarajevo such a magical place. Sarajevo is the capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and even after the devastating war that tore through the country, Sarajevo stands strong and ready to impress. In 1984 Sarajevo was the home of the winter Olympics. 

Every place I visit I try and pick something up to remind me of my travels. I collect anything from magnets, travel mugs and shot glasses. 
Attractions  you should visit while in Sarajevo:
1) Bascarsija (Old town, featuring old bazaar and the historical and cultural center of the city. It was built in the 15th Century and it features old restaurants, coffee and hookah shops and shopping)
2) Vrelo Bosne (Natural spring of river Bosnia. Beautiful natural park, featuring restaurants, rivers and bridges, horse carriage rides, paddles boats and endless walkways with beautiful views)
3) Old Town/ Stari Grad ( Historical part of town featuring old architecture, beautiful restaurants featuring traditional Bosnian cuisine, beautiful mosques and cathedrals.)
4) Winter Olympic Park
5) Historical Mosques and Catedrals ( There is numerous, breathtaking Mosques and Cathedrals in Sarajvo. I would deffinately visit: Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque and Church of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel in Sarajevo) 
5a) Museums and art galleries (Since this is an old city there is a lot of history t be show cased. I  would visit : Gallery 11/07/95, Sarajevo History Museum, Bezistan Museum, and Muzeum of Alija Izadbegovic.)
(Satajevo, Stadium Kosevo, 2012)
(Bascarsija, 2012)
(Remembering Olympics in from of BBI, 2012)
(Vjecna Vatra, Importal Fire, 2013)
Restaurants and Coffee shops you should definitely visit:
1) Burgedzinica Bosna. I eat at this place almost on daily basis while in Sarajvo. Its serves quality, delicious Bosnian pastry called Burek, it is a beef pie. They serve all traditional types of Bosnian pitas (filled pastries). I can not say enough great things about this place. A must try.
2) Morica Han. Traditional Bosnain restauran located in heart of Bascarsija. They serve traditional food and the restaurant is decorated reflecting old school traditions. This place serves superb food and it will give you a great view back in time.
3) Cevabdzinica Zeljo. Possibly THE BEST Cevapi ever. Chevapi are a grilled dish of minced meat, a type of kebab. 
4) Tavola. Anything from delicious pastas to mouthwatering steak can be gotten here. I have tried numerous plates here over the years, and still have to have one I wasn't in love with.
5) Avaz Twist Tower restaurant. Delicious upscale restaurant. Service is great, wine was to die for and food was delicious. Great for date night.

Night life, bars and coffee shops worth visiting:
1) Dibek. One of my ALL time favourite places in the world. Dibek is an old school coffee shop, that serves anything from traditional Bosnain coffee to lattes, juices and Hookah. My family and friends know that answer to "where should we go tonight/Today" is always Dibek. YOU MUST VISIT THIS PLACE.
2) Vatra. Located in central Sarajevo serving mouth watering deserts and any drink you can come up with. Worth all the calories!
3) Hacijenda. A moden lounge, with amazing drinks and finger food. Start your night off with some good conversation and they will have you dancing in no time.
4) Sloga. Local pub with music for everyone. Depending on the night, you can hear anything from EDM, Hip Hop, Bosnian music, Top 40 or watch one of the amazing bands preforming. This two floor tavern is great for dancing or just hanging out.
5) Central. One of many bars with outside seating area and great atmosphere inside.

Its hard to pick the top 5 places out of all amazing sites and restaurants to visit.  Sarajevo is a magnificent city, worth visiting and exploiting. 

Have you ever been? Do you agree with my list? 


  1. Love this post. My fiancé and I visited Sarajevo two years ago, it was beautiful.
    Absolutely love your pictures :)

  2. Even though australia is my home, my heart always remains in Bosnia, my birthplace. Sadly the war took the opportunity to grow up in this beautiful land but i am thankful for people like you, who show light on this beautiful place. It started my own blog, to continue showing people all around the world how beautiful Bosnia & Hercegovina (part where im from) is and why they should add it to their bucket lists. Ive done 3 separate trips back home in just 14 months and plan on going every year to re discover my roots. And its helped my bosnian language skills alot, as i mostly speak english at home. I HIGH RECOMMEND anyone traveling to Europe to add BOSNIA to their list. You wont regret it, and it will keep you coming back for more!

    1. Thank you. I agree, Bosnia is a hidden gem of Europe; yes destroyed by war and still rebuilding but one of the most beautiful places ever (I might be a little baist but its is home after all).