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Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 means new starts, also new blog sears   I am not sure if its the promise of a new year  but this week I m feeling very nostalgic. Last night I sat for hours and flipped though pictures on my Facebook, phone and computer. I couldn’t help but smile; some of the most amazing experiences and the fondest memories were from my travels. I couldn’t be more thankful that I had a chance to experience all these places and all with people I love.

Bosnia | Serbia | Croatia | Italy | Montenegro | Turkey | Greece | Germany | Austria | Sweden | England | USA | Canada | Romania | Bulgaria | Spain

Sarajevo | Mostar | New York | Paris | Madrid | Norrkoping | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Venice | Bari | London | Vancouver | Toronto | Munich | Stockholm | Goteborg | Frankfurt | Santorini | Katakolon | Istanbul | Tuscany | Dubrovnik | Budva | Belgrade | Valjevo | Split | Budapest | Banff

There are just some countries, cities, and places I have visited. I hope to continue to have many adventures. Staring next week I m staring a new segment on my blog, dedicated to traveling. I will share my tips, must visit attractions, pictures and stories. Each new post will give you 10 very good reasons you should visit those.

Stayed tuned!

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  1. that is amazing you have traveled so many places - I cannot wait to hear your tips!

    xo, Maddy