Monthly beauty round up: VIIcode eye mask.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A girlfriend of mine sent me a message couple of days ago in a panic ”I have wrinkles”; I laughed, mainly because she doesn’t and is fortune enough to have a skin of a 12 year old even though she is in her late twenties. However, since we are only couple years off our thirtieth birthdays, taking care of our skin has been a hot topic. 

 I recently got a chance to try VIIcode eye mask, which is an eye mask you wear overnight.  The mask works best on puffy eyes, wrinkles and fine lines that help leave your eyes healthy and radiant.  VIIcode eye mask needs to be applied twice or three times a week for best results; the box comes with 6 treatments.
I tested it out over course of a week and could notice that my eyes were less puffy and my dark circles were less visible; it also made my eyes more radiant. Wearing the VIIcode eye mask give me a well rested and glowy skin look. 

This post was sponsored by VIIcode.
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