How to Make Colorful Cactus Vases

Thursday, August 20, 2015

My parents are both great at keeping their gardens and plants alive and blossoming all the time; I on the other hand kill pretty much any plant I get. Once I actually killed a cactus...crazy right? (Yes, you can totally over water a cactus!). While at an event at Bamboo Ballroom I noticed these beautiful l cactus arrangement so I decided that I will take another stab at this owning a plant that I can actual keep alive. I made these cactus vases; they are fun and can used as center pieces or to brighten up any space... and they make awesome handmade gifts.
You will need:
Glass vase
Cactus plans
Colored rocks (I used water tank rocks)
1) Put some rocks on the bottom of the vase. They help support your plant and keep any excess water you might add in there.
2) Carefully remove the cactus and place it in the vase. I recommended crumbling the bottom soil so it’s disbursed evenly in the vase.
3) Decorate with color rocks. Use a spoon to distribute rocks evenly in the vase

And you are done.
Now, lets hope I dont destoy these poor plants.

This whole project with 4 different vases cost me less than 30 dollars.