Fall Must Watch TV- According To Me

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As the weather starts to cool down and summer fades away, the one silver linning is the Fall TV line up. The shows we already love return with new episodes and we get to find a new favourite! I have watched the previews and these are the shows I will be checking out.
Angel From Hell (CBS) Premieres: Thursday November 6
Jane Lynch stars in this comedy as a guaradian angel. I love Jane Lynch, she is so funny I can't wait to see if this show is worth watching.
Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris (NBC) Premieres: Tuesday September 15
NPH is hilarious, if you couldn't tell my favourite type of show is comedy (becuase who doesn't love to laugh!) This is a variety show so it has everything from comedy skits to mini game shows, to celebraty apperances.
Blindspot (NBC) Premieres: Monday September 21
This show looks interesting a girl covered in tattoos who has no memory of how she got them. A mystery where an FBI agent follows the clues hidden in her tattoos to uncover her identity and a greater conspiracy.
Limitless (CBS) Premieres: Tuesday September 22
I put this one on the list solely because of Bradley Cooper he's not the star of the show but he does reprise his character from the movie. This show if you haven't seen the movie is about a pill that lets you unlock the full potential of your  brain. Let's hope it's good enough to keep Bradley (yes we are on a first name basis) on the air.
The Player (NBC) Premieres: Thursday September 24
This show looks interesting it's about a former military operative who now works security in Las Vegas, he is drawn into a high stakes game where wealthy men bet on his ability to stop crime before they happen. While the premise is messed up, it still looks interesting.
Quantico (ABC) Premieres: Sunday September 29
So I am not gonna lie the only reason I chose this show is because it has Priyanka Chopra in it. I love that Bollywood actresses are now able to tranistion over to Hollywood. If you don't know what Bollywood is just click on it and check it out. I think it has something to do with the FBI and training. Either way check it out and let me know what you think.
Wicked City (ABC) Premieres: Tuesday October 27
This show stars Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass so it's a must watch. I loved Dexter so this show seems right up my alley it's very morbid from the description. It's about a detective chasing down coupled -up serial killers. Oh also this is set in the past so prepare for some sweet wardrobe.

What are your must watch Fall Premieres? What shows do you think I should check out that didn't make the list?

Stay tuned because I will be doing a review of my picks later on!