Fitness talk with Vegan Pure

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Working out is my nemesis. It’s not only because any cardio makes me believe I am dying but it's meal planning, proteins, strength training… it's all of it. When did trying to be healthy get so complicated? In early September I started going back to the gym and making healthier meals... But that lasted about two weeks or so since I have never been able to stick to any eating plan or a diet.
I've been thinking about getting a protein shake for a while as that would be healthier and cheaper than stopping at a DQ on the way home from the gym. With so many options and differences, it was difficult choosing. Then I found VEGAN PURE All In One protein shake. It is a new plant based protein shake that has set the gold standard for great taste and silky smoothness in a nutritional shake. It's an ALL IN ONE- which means every serving delivers 16 grams of protein (same as 3 eggs), 4 grams of fibre (same as an apple), 2 servings of greens (same as 2 servings of kale), 1.5 grams of Omega 3 (same as 2.3 servings of salmon), 1 billion probiotics (same as a cup of yogurt) and 50% of your daily recommended intake of minerals and vitamins. How awesome is that? Take some complication out of the diet and make sure you are getting all the necessary nutrients. 

I love the taste and the fact its smooth; I have added it to fruit smoothies as well as with just water. This is a great product for anyone who is looking to get a shake that is affordable and convenient. You can find it available at Walmart.

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