How To Handle Your Debt

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Guess what costs money? Basically everything. Clothes - which we love. Shoes - which we love. Travelling - which we love. Food - which we love. We also live in a world of plastic pushing and instant gratification. Resulting in DEBT. 

Debt is a big scary word that almost everyone I know is personally acquainted with. Here's a few strategies in handling your debt and maybe getting rid of it.

Make a Budget: Yes, another scary word. Except that it isn't. You would be shocked how much money can be spend on fast food, coffee obsessions, or sock collections (don't judge). Write it down. Make a plan and do your best to stick to it. It doesn't have to be a restrictive. It just helps to write it down.

Cash Only: Cut, freeze, or hide your plastic. It helps you stay aware of how much money you actually have and potentially slows down your impulse purchases.

Snowball Payments: Attack one card or loan at a time. Pick the smallest balance or the highest interest debt first. Make the required payments on all the others, and the rest of your debt repayment funds go on that. Once that one is paid off - attack the next one. Debt seems less overwhelming when there are less arms grabbing at your hard earned cash.

Start the Habit: Takes about 6 weeks for habits to form. Set the plan and try really hard to stick to it for 6 weeks. Cut out one really big thing - no coffees, no fast food, no clothes, no books, no travel. Or cut them all out if you are up for a super challenge. Eventually impulse spending doesn't come quite as easily as it did. 

One or all of these things can help knock debt down and prevent it from growing. Pace yourself or challenge yourself - whatever suits your personality will be most successful. Good luck!