Book of the Month: Ready Player One By Earnest Cline

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ever ask someone "what should I read?" This book was what a friend of mine recommended after asking just that question. They rated this book in their top 3 favourites of all time. How can you not read a book which such spectacular rating from someone you trust?

Normally the Sci-Fi genre isn't my first choice but imagine all of the gems we could miss out on if we stuck to one genre. This book about a teenager living in the future (2044) where people spend most of their "reality" plugged into another world and jacked FULL of 80's pop culture references is actually pretty interesting. There's a game/puzzle to be solved that would result in the winner becoming a bajillionaire and we follow along as the main character tries. And naturally there is a girl. 

It kind of reminded me of that 80's movie The Wizard which I now want to watch again.Why not check them both out and let me know what you think!