Blogging FOMO

Friday, January 22, 2016

In all honesty, some days being a blogger I hit a wall. I fully admit that I've been at home scrolling through my social media feed and having a self-pity party as I stare at photos of bloggers who seem to have a much more exciting life than I have. I think this is commonly referred to as FOMO aka fear of missing out.

I am often catch myself think “How do other bloggers have the time? How do you manage all the things and still have an amazing and exciting social media feed with a huge following?” I know some people have worked their asses off and are fortunate enough to have their blog as a full time job, but how do rest of the up and coming bloggers get to it all? Between balancing a full time career, running a blog and attempting to have any sort of social life I find one of the three is always fighting a losing battle.

So how to deal with FOMO and manage all aspects of everything? Here are few things I am gonna try...

Disconnect.  Take time each week to get away from your phone, email or whatever! As bloggers we spend so much time on social media and behind our laptops, taking a few hours break here and there wont hurt (and we probably wont miss much). The Letters to LA LA land team is heading to Cuba on Sunday, I plan not to check my phone or e-mail at all. (Having little to no internet will help, but how will I let everyone know I love them on twitter and instagram? #firstworldproblem)

Get organized. I think half my issues are that I wanna do so much but time seems to get away from me. Telling myself you will remember that, you don't need to write it down is a lie - so start with writing things down, set measurable and realistic goals, keep organized.

Don't compare yourself to others. This is a lot harder said than done, but this is something I need to be more aware of.