Book of the Month: First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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So many times I'll ask a person what they are reading and they get a shy look and mutter "oh just some book" like they have some kind of shame with their choice of genre. Where does book shaming come from? I mean, people proudly announce their "terrible" TV show and movie choices: Real Housewives of the Whatever, Duck Dynasty, Dancing with the Stars, Teen Mom. But when it comes to books, it's as if we are supposed to only read Hawking, Nietzsche. Austin, or Tolstoy.
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As it turns out, many people don't read just classic and educational books. People like me, for example, read "terrible" books that suck me into a world of make-believe filled with fantasy and fun. First Grave on the Right is the first in a series that had me hooked by the first chapter. The lead character is a woman named Charley who sees dead people. She's a snarky private investigator and she cracks me up. I laugh out loud while reading (This is huge props). My favourite part of the series is the relationship between Charley and her best friend, Cookie. Their banter and love feels genuine - and that is a nice blend in a story about a Grim Reaper which contrasts with my logic.

This is me waving my "fluff reader freak flag" with pride! There should be no shame in reading anything, ever.
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And some eye candy reading too. As if someone reading isn't eye candy enough.

Happy Reading!