Music of the Month: Marianas Trench

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Here's the thing about boy bands: you either love to hate em' or hate to love em'. Marianas Trench is certainly lovable. And these Canadian boys really put on a show. During one of their shows, lead singer Josh Ramsey, was floating above the crowd in a harness while belting out one of their wicked tunes. Good fun! 

He likes to get interactive with the crowd too. Which is always entertaining!

Astoria is their newest album, released October, 2015. One Love is the first single to be released off this album and it's catchy - naturally, as pop music should be. Just like Ever After, Astoria tells a story. This one feels like diary entries from someone to the love of their life; through ups and downs, ons and offs, starts to unfinished finishes. It's got some clever and cheeky lyrics, upbeat tempos and some sappy beats. Love. 

And they're in the middle of a North American tour titled "Hey You Guys!!" to go with The Goonies theme which cracks me up. Super stoked to see the show! Stay tuned for a review in April.