Round up of 10 favourite blogging resources

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blogging is a fast paced and always changing environment. Between e-mails, social media, photo sessions, creating content having blogging resources is essential. I have compiled a list of all my favorite blogging resources! These are tools and sites I use and visit often.

  1. Hootsuite : One stop social media organizer. It is a one click scheduling of any article that you want to share across social media. This is favourite social scheduling platform.
  2. Photoshop & lightroom : I don’t know how people live without it. You can get a subscription for $20 a month if you feel like Canva and PicMonkey aren’t doing it for you.
  3. Google Docs : Perfect for collaborating, completely syncs up on every device, and the best part? When I’m making links, it finds the link for me with Google’s search algorithm.
  4. VideoFruit : Great resource if you want to grow your blog into a business?  It works on e-mail and the data that can jump start your business!
  5. Asana : A platform that makes me feel organized and productive. It’s nice to check off my tasks at the end of the day and it keeps my co-workers (at work) and co contributors here and me accountable for our assignments and tasks.  
  6. Latergramme: Posting to Instagram in real time was the only way to do things, however I like scheduling blog-related content in advance, especially since I can't schedule posts ahead of time. This app allows you to upload the image and text, and set the time you want to publish your photo. It won't post the image for you, once you receive the notification, it's one swipe and you're done. Not automated but still helpful.
  7. Evernote :I am pen to paper kid of person but having an app for organizing all of my ideas, notes  into a single location. Whenever I Google something, all of my relevant notes appear on the right side of the results, making my search much more tailored. 
  8. Skitch : This app by Evernote makes taking screenshots, chasing them and adding notations a breeze. 
  9. VSCO: If you are not using photoshop, this app is the most comprehensive editing app for photos you take on your phone. It offers a lot of functionality and is pretty easy to use.
  10. Alexa : Audience, ranking monitoing and SEO recommendation. Its comes with a free trip so you can test it out.
What apps or sites do you utilize to help your blog or business?


  1. Hello Nermisa,
    Thanks so much for including Latergramme in your review! We love hearing from our community, especially bloggers who create so much content.
    Feel free to tweet us your questions or feedback, @Latergramme or @byStephie

    Stephanie | Latergramme Community Manager