Music of the Month: Lindsey Stirling

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

My New Year's Resolution was to learn to play an instrument and I've always loved the violin. Since it's on the brain, why not share one of the key inspirations for my obsession of this instrument.
Lindsey Stirling is a funky,contemporary artist that plays some of the most unique and mesmerizing tunes on a violin that I've ever heard. Lindsey has such a specific sound that she can be recognized almost immediately by any of her fans. 
Shatter Me is such a universal album because it can be played at work, during a workout, or while reading which is amazing. Plus she's super adorable and quirky which makes her stand out as an artist, but also brings a cool vibe to an instrument normally associated with classical sounds. Not that there is anything wrong with classical (huge love for classical) but it can limit the draw to some listeners who enjoy other genres.
She too does some rad covers and collaborations with other artists. Here's a taste of her talents with John Legend in All Of Me.

Hopefully this opens you up to a new genre or we can love her together!


  1. Lindsey Stirling's music is the best. She came to our town to play and it was so awesome.

  2. I'm so jealous! I hope to see her live one day! :)