Friday, March 18, 2016

I read blogs instead of newspaper; there are countless people who make this whole thing look easy. I find inspiration in each blog I read and live vicariously though some. Here are four bloggers to check out this week:

1) Elements of Ellis
Kacie is a California life and style blogger. Her style is elegant and fun. The inspiration behind her blog is so cute... and I think she accomplished that with her posts. 

Marrisa is a Connecticut based style blogger. Marrisa's outfits are always so elegant and her blog photos (and isnta) are stunning.

Style blog that I check out daily. Her style is edgy and bold; her photos are awesome and she write her blog in two languages! How amazing is that?

4) La Petite Noob
Joelle is a Canadian blogger based out of Toronto. Her style is feminine and simple, and she always looks so well put together. Her blog cover anything from fashion, travel and beauty.

Have you read any of these blogs? How awesome are they?

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Have a wonderful weekend.

(All images are owned by their respective blog/bloggers and should not be distributed without explicit permission!)