Fitness: The Art Of Yoga

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 1st,2016 5:50AM: Moksha Yoga Sherwood Park.
N: (all smiles) Good Morning
A: (makes a grunting sound and give N. the evil eye)
N: I thought you were gonna leave me here by myself.
A: (makes another sound and shakes head). 

This is how we handled a 6AM 30 day hot yoga challenge day one. Hint: Only one is a morning person!

Amy and I signed up for a 30 day challenge and for month of April we have to attend a hot yoga class everyday. Although we have occasionally and sporadically practiced hot yoga for years now, we knew that 30 consecutive days of spending at least an hour in a 37C degree room while trying to balance on one leg was going to be hard.

Short summary of day one in power hour 60 minute class:
"The class kicked off at 6:02AM and the sweat started almost instantly, dripping onto my mat before we’ve finished the first exercise. By time it was half way through the class we must have done at least twenty flows and I was ready to just lay on my mat and pray for it to be over. With (some miracle) and determination the final savasana was called and I was thankful for it as everything (including my eyebrows) was sweating and the room was finally stopping to spin."

This will be a long month but I am excited and determined to make the most of this experience. We will post before and after shots and our finding once we make it though 30 classes.

Have you ever done hot yoga?