Music of the Month: Chris Cornell

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Chris Cornell: the ultimately sexy singer, songwriter. He's been a small (HUGE) obsession of mine since the first time his voice danced into my eardrums years and years ago. He's the lead singer for Soundgarden and Audioslave - many people love one band more than the other. I'm partial to Audioslave myself, but still have plenty love for Soundgarden even though they tend to be harder on the rock scale than my tastes normally lean.

Cornell has been putting out solo albums throughout his long and illustrious career - including my favourite Songbook which is acoustic. His raspy and perfectly pitched voice completely draws me in and make me want to have little Cornell babies. Such a fan girl.
 His new album Higher Truth is quickly becoming a new favourite. And he's on tour! In Calgary and Edmonton, he's playing smaller venues that are up close and personal which a AWESOME. Although not entirely sure about the other cities, it's most likely the same. Here's a video of the latest single, hope you love it too!