5 Tips for Purchasing a Home

Thursday, May 12, 2016

We all have to live somewhere – and who would you rather pay every month? Yourself or someone else for renting? So Congratulations, you have decided to get your own place. A place you can call your own... so now what?
Here are five things to get you on your way to getting a home:

Visit your financial advisor.
I would start here. Go to your local credit union, sit down with someone face to face, and get the down lo on what is required for a mortgage, and get a pre approval in place. There is no point in looking when you have no idea what you can afford. Rates and requirements are very similar (if not the same) across financial institutions but getting a pre approval in one place protects your credit.

Talk to a relator. 
Although, you might not need a relator to buy your home, having an expert on the subject is usually helpful. You can give them your criteria and they will find a list and take you to all the homes that fit your budget and meet your wants.

Keep an open mind.
What you want and what is on the market sometimes don't seem to go hand in hand, so try and see the home through all the things that are there. You might find a perfect layout but than the walls are yellow and the kitchen is blue and you cant imagine ever living there.. BUT imagine it with grey walls and a white kitchen; than it might be close to what you actually want.

Get an inspection.
You found a home you like, get a professional out to check all the things. Getting an inspection is so important, as you cant see inside the walls and check the electrical or the water pipes. A Home will be the biggest purchase you make (also the biggest debt), make sure you aren't getting a lemon.

Lawyers are your friends.
Regardless if you used com-free, relator or a friend to purchase home, use a lawyer to sign all the documents and make sure everything is done correctly.  Protect yourself and your new home.

Any tips? What are some things you kept in mind when getting your home?

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