Live Music Season is Upon Us: Stay in the Loop

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The most common thing people who don't attend many concerts or music events say to me is "I don't know they are coming until its too late". Totally devastating to think you could miss seeing a band or artist that you absolutely loved because you weren't in the loop.

Trust, it has happened to me too. For me it was Backstreet Boys in junior high. And I missed their show because my parents said no, even though ALL of my friends were going. No lie, I cried more than once over that lost opportunity. Don't judge me. I was a preteen girl! Not quite the same as not knowing they were coming, but tragic all the same.

Nowadays it's super easy to stay up-to-date with shows that are coming to a venue near me!

Ticketmaster - Make an account and start liking all the artists and bands you want to see. When their show is announced - you get an email. Boom done.

Bandsintown - This app does almost the exact same thing as ticketmaster. Only sometimes it catches acts or shows that play smaller venues - which can be SUPER awesome. Imagine seeing Red Hot Chili Peppers playing some bar on Sunset in their early years and being able to tell the tale decades later?

LiveNation - Notifications for tunes plus sometimes access to presales and specials.

This summer is PACKED with superstars touring; not to mention all the festivals in the next few months. Stay in the know and catch an amazing show!

How do you get into your favourite shows and stay current with your favourite bands?


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