So You Wanna Try a 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge?

Thursday, May 19, 2016

If you are planning to attempt (and succeed - because you CAN) a 30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge, read this first. It might help make it LESS challenging.

As far as I know there is no such thing as a Panda Pose so at least THAT won't be in your class.

1. Clear your calendar as much as possible. Parties, events, volunteering, lessons; you realize how much you do when you lose a few hours out of your schedule per day. The PVR gets backed up, Netflix gets neglected, your running shoes cry in the closet from abandonment - it's sort of tragic. Don't worry, it's only one month.

2. Plan your outfits. Life is so much easier if you have at least TWO full outfits, yoga towels, and shower towels. Laundry sucks. But it sucks even more if you have to do almost every night at 11:30 to be ready for the next class. There's a slight possibility you may never want to see those few articles of clothing again if you wear them every day.


3. Sign up with a friend. Someone motivating you and counting on you for their motivation really helps. If it wasn't for my co-challenger, I may not have succeeded.

4. Expect to do a few double classes. Have faith that your body can handle it. It can expose you to a class you may not have tried and frees you up for one day. Take a potentially much needed break or catch up from a miss.

5. Pick a studio CLOSE to you. A class is minimum 60 minutes. Add 15 minutes before and after each class. If your drive is more than 15 minutes - it gets a little overwhelming.

30 day of anything is a huge challenge. Congrats for even trying! Anything that can make it easier and more enjoyable it truly welcome! Any pointers or advice we missed?