25 Things To Learn and Do Before You Are 30

Thursday, June 9, 2016

There is something about getting older that makes you reconsider, take a second look and reminiscence over good all times. Late last night I sat in bed thinking about all the insane things I did and few habits I should of broken by age 30. Here are few things to keep in mind to make you early 20’s worth it and few things to outgrow.

1)Learn to budget! (yes it sounds easy; but not all of us do it.) Buy only things you CAN afford. You credit cards & loans do not count as CAN afford.
2)Learn to cook. I remember being on my own at the beginning & half of the take out places recognized my voice and knew my order… this can get very expensive real fast… its also embarrassing.
3)Stop eating in bed! We are now mature adults, there is no need for this.
4)Stop feeling bad/alone/depressed when you see Facebook friends getting married or having kids. Your time will come; it has to.
5)Travel. Travel as often as you can; visit as many different things as you can. Whether its to the mountains or city near by or Europe; Just DO IT! You career, cat, apartment, family will all be there when you get back. (refer back to 4; soon enough you will have a husband and kids and travel gets nearly impossible with toddlers.)
6) STOP the texting/Facebook-ing/IM-ing/Twitter-ing (yes that is a thing) and pick up the phone; call your friends, family. Even better meet for coffee; it takes 30 minutes to an hour & yes you got time for that. No one is that busy.
7)Stop chasing after those unpromising love prospects. You deserve better. He is not going to change and you don’t want him to; get rid of him.
8)Don’t shop when you are hungry.
9)Don’t call them back when you are angry.
10)Don’t make decisions when you are mad/sad.
11)Be diligent. Show up on time for work/dates/whatever. Give yourself enough time to get where you need to be. My ex used to run on EST time (Ethnic Standard Time= which operates in “I’ll be there at 10-ish” that means anywhere from 9:45 to 10:59) and it drove me NUTS.
12)Forgive and Forget. There is no need to stalk your ex’s on social media or gossip about them. Its in the past; Let it go.
13)Do yoga.
14)Read. Put down your Netflix and iTines and read. Read about whatever. Its good for the soul.
15)Say “Please and Thank you”. This seems common sense… its not. Most people will say one or the other or none. Thank those that help you & those you need things from. It goes a long way.
16) Tell people you love them. There is a radio station in Edmonton where the morning show hosts say “Love you” to everyone before they hang up. I think that’s AMAZING. One day you might make enough a difference in someone’s else life by simple “Love you”. I m not saying go start telling strangers you love them; but your main people. Life is too short; make sure they know you love them.
17)De-clutter. This is easily the simples way to cleans your life and add happiness. There is something to be said for simplifying your life that adds joy. You should try it.
18)Return stuff that isn’t yours; We all borrow things & we all know those people who had your things for last 3 years, not fun!
19)Buy good lingerie. Single, dating or married you have no clue what feeling sexy does for your confidence. It also looks very pretty.
20)Remember to dance. Its ok if you have two left feet (I do) but blast the music & jump around, attempt the waltz, break it down like Miley Cirus… whatever. I dance around my house pretty much all the time; if people could see in they would call me crazy, but dance makes your body and soul relax and that’s sometimes all it takes.
21)Stop over drinking. Best part about being and adult is that you are now legal to get booze but people lose sight of moderation. After age of 19 having a 24 hour hangover no longer seems fun or appropriate.
22)Pay your bills on time. You want your credit to start good and be great for rest of your life. Pay your bills on time.
23)Learn how to speak in public. Public speaking is extremely important; Toastmaster is wonderful and it can help you a great deal.
24) Every month do something just for you. You husband can watch the kids; you roommate can take the dog for a walk… have a 2 hour candle lit bath, get your nails done, have a bottle of wine over great dinner at home alone. Sometimes we try so hard to make everyone else happy that we forget about ourselves. If we aren’t happy we probably aren’t doing much for other peoples happiness.
25)Don’t be afraid of change. Yes, sometimes it sucks and its scary but you do it. We will survive and make it work in the long run.

Happy Thursday.


  1. I love them all - I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried! And Happy Birthday!