Safety Tips for Living Alone

Thursday, June 30, 2016

After many years, I was suddenly faced with moving into a place of my own, on my own. Not gonna lie, I was kind of scared. Have you ever watched a scary movie? Criminal Minds? Law and Order??

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Here's a few things I've added to my regular safety routines:

1. Add a chain or hotel lock to the doors. Using the peephole isn't always the safest. Another line of defense can help. Legit - I had a dream that a bad guy with the key couldn't get in because of this!

Prime-Line Satin Nickel Swing Bar Door Guard

2. Get to know your neighbours. Remember back in the day, neighbourhood watch? It's because people looked out for each other. The insomniac lady across the street will watch all the cars - and lawns (get off my lawn!). If there is anyone unusual going in or out - your neighbours might let you know.

3. Talk to people - stay in contact with your friends and family. I'm in a group chat with a few friends and if one of us doesn't answer in a few hours - the search party goes out. Even if all you did happen to forget your cell phone somewhere.

4. Keep pepper spray handy and keep your keys splayed between your fingers when walking alone. Especially in your parking garage. Make noise and be aware of what's going on around you.

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I know there's a few jokes in here but safety is serious. And once you are out on your own, you will feel more confident about being alone. In fact, you might just love it!

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