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Friday, July 1, 2016

Every day there seems to be a new diet, new fitness routine or a new way to lose weight fast. This time of the year those seem to go into overload. In reality there is not a quick fix for anything , there is no magic diet that is good for you and will make you look great overnight. There is however, combination of all those things, shaped into a few life style changes and discipline to help you get where you wanna be weight/look wise.

Over the years , as an avid Women’s Fitness reader , I’ve picked up on tips , tricks & exercises that helped me back then and stuck years later. Every celebrity has a diet of their own or a fitness routine they swear by ( we all know its called an overpaid trainer ) so taking bits and pieces of what they had to say is very useful.

Here is few things I found helpful :
Think of any routine you choose as a lifestyle change so don’t think of it as a diet. The goal is to feel good, be healthy and look great.
I would avoid diets ( juice cleanse , liquid diet etc )... all of them. Those are harmful and as soon as you get off them , the weight comes back.
Water. Water is the key to healthy living. Drink lots of it.
Green tea is awesome. It helps to increase your metabolism & helps you shed weight faster. It is also a lot better for you then coffee.
Lemon juice. I know it sounds strange and gross but try drinking Lemon Water every second/third day first thing in the morning. (You can do it everyday). It increases your metabolism and burns more calories but it can cause your teeth to be sensitive so try it only two/three times a week.
Pick a routine for gym or exercise at home . Running is a must , you can’t tone fat so cardio is key. I personally don’t think it matters if you use an elliptical , treadmill or run laps as long as you are getting some cardio in. As much as you need cardio , strength training is very important. Not sure how to use gym equipment ? There is always plenty cute boys around to help you. Not comfortable with gym! stick to basics you can do in your house ( Squats , Jumping jacks , Push ups , Planks , Arm circles etc)
Alternate what exercises you do at the gym/home. Your body gets use to doing the same thing & you wont see results as fast as you do if you switch what you do.
Try yoga. Hot yoga to be exact. If you live in Canada Yoga Life , Bikram and Moksha are all great. Each with its own pros and cons but all very beneficial.
Eating… I love food & will never walk away from chocolate but be conscious of what you eat. Try eating whole grain foods , dark chocolate, have fish and lean turkey over beef, skip pop, have snacks, incorporate fruit and vegetables in you daily routine

For each bad thing you eat create something good you have to do . For example : cupcake = 100 jumping jacks.
Have breakfast! Its important to have you meals on time but having breakfast is extremely important. It sets the one for the day.
 Have snacks! Lots of them! Have almonds , fruit, protein bars near by at all times. Sometimes we are just bored & our brain tricks us into thinking we are hungry. Have a snack.
 More you work out more hungry you will be – like all the time. Try having protein after working out.

 One of the most valuable lessons = have a work out buddy. I know sounds silly but its crazy what having someone else to hold you accountable to show up at gym/yoga or go for a run make!

  I know this is a lot to read but it helped me.

Do you have something that worked for you? How do you stay in shape and healthy?

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