How to: Pack Light While Traveling

Thursday, July 14, 2016

I used to be an over-packer, and I am talking like 2 suitcases jam packed with clothes and shoes for a 3 week holiday in Europe. Over years, I have made a mental note to work on that.  Packing light is an art form, it's not easy to master. Taking only essentials, packing right, and you could almost get away with travel with a carry-on only, but baby steps right?
Here are five things to help you pack light for your next holiday:

Choose your colors and style wisely: Everything in your bag should go together so that you can mix and match all your tops and bottoms. Taking neutrals and dark clothing makes that simple, and bringing versatile pieces (ex. Shirt that can work with both skirt and pants, over even over a dress).
Count your clothes and plan outfits: you picked your clothes, how many ways can you wear those differently? Count the actual pieces you want to bring, do you have 5 shirts? Do you need 5 shirts? 3 jackets? Downsize.
Shoes: You already have outfits sort of arranged and know what clothes you are taking. So pick your shoes accordingly. Shoes are the heaviest, so think what is essentials? One pair of black or nude heels, one pair of dressy flats, one pair of trainers. Again, make sure they work for the outfits you picked and put together.
Toiletries and make up: Most hotels usually supply bath soap and shampoo, and some provide way more than that. Use this to your advantage, so you are not lugging around your entire make up cabinet. Buy travel size products and containers for your make up, shampoo, conditioner, lotion etc.
Pack right: Depending on what you are brining, is rolling things up an option? Can you put all your clothes into one of these, and vacuum the air out? Utilize your suitcase pockets, maybe you lay flat and put your unmentionables in a  big zip lock bag and pack it on the outside pocket. Can you wear your jacket in flight vs. packing it? Can you stuff your hat with clothes so it keeps its shape, and saves space?
How do you pack for your trips? Do you bring everything with you?