OOTD - How Not to Look Like a Tourist In Europe plus few tips

Monday, July 11, 2016

Temperature as hot as Plus 30 Celsius are not uncommon for some European countries. Over years I have learned that shorts and t-shirt, water bottle in your hand, DSLR camera or walking around in a bikini even if you are just running to get ice-cream accost the street from the beach make you stand out as a tourist. This is my true and tried #OOTD on how not to look like a tourist:

dress: Marshalls
shoes: Steve Madden
vest: Reitmans
bag: Kate Spade
belt: Ardene

Few tips that will definitely make you look less like a tourist:
Wear closed toe shoes if you are out and about.
Carry a (bigger) bag that can fit you water bottle and camera etc.
Cover up. It might be plus 30 out, and you are at the beach/pool but put on a shirt and skirt to walk across the street to get water or ice cream.
Ordering your Starbucks extra hot is odd in Europe, while totally normal in Canada/US.