Beauty Favourites: Products I Always Run Out Of (And Rebuy)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

I wear little makeup but you could never tell that by judging my makeup bag or Sephora account. I love to try new things and go through a lot of different beauty products; most I give away or throw out since I don't use it, however there are  few items that I buy repeatedly and don’t like running out of.
 Here is the products I use up and buy on regular basis:

Urban Decay Concealer: I love the coverage and how easy and smooth it goes on. I have very sensitive skin and this concealer works perfectly for me.

Dior Addict Lip Glow: I am obsessed with this lip glow. Ever since I discovered it five years ago I never run out of it, in fact I always have one unused tube that I keep just in case. I love the settle hint of color and how smooth it is. (color 004)
Maybelline (waterproof) liquid eyeliner: I have tried many eyeliners but this product never disappoints. I love the thin brush and how easy it is to apply. I get the waterproof because I tend to rub my eyes (don't ask) in black.
What beauty product can't you live without?