City Guide: Banff

Thursday, August 18, 2016

We are lucky Banff is only a few hours away, you can be in the mountains taking in nature in no time. Here are just a few things you should check out while you are out there. 

Banff Hot Springs- relaxing with a mountain view in mineral water which is great for your skin who can say no to that? You can also take the Gondola up to the hot springs, if unlike me you aren't afraid of heights.

Festivals- Banff has some of the best festivals they have one that is all about food! Bon Appetite Banff you get 3 course meals with fixed options and different price ranges. Check out this one in November or some of the other great ones going on throughout the year.

Rafting- Float trips are great for families or if you are looking for a little more adventure there is whitewater rafting.

Hiking- There are soooooo many choices when it comes to hiking in Banff, you should really pick one that suits your endurance level. Being outdoors doesn't mean you have to pick the most torturous and strenuous climb in order to enjoy the outdoors. My favourite hikes are ones with waterfalls at the end or in the middle those are usually leisurely but still great exercise. 

Cave Exploring- If you are looking for something different to do you should definitely check out the Caves, they are in their natural state so no hand rails. But lots of adventure!

What do you do when visiting Banff?