Top 5 Swim Suits For Girls With Big Boobs

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer is all about the getting your bronze on, cause everything is better with a glow. For ladies with larger chests, tops can be a challenge on the regular; add to that the lack of cloth and you have an even bigger challenge. Here are some suggestions that provide support for those precious ladies.


Don't let the word plus size scare you, you can buy this swim suit in XL and it provides coverage and makes your cleavage look amazing. You can also do water sports and not fear your boobs are going to pop out. This suit is also super affordable from Forever 21.

This bikini top is perfect for the girls who are larger than a D-cup. It has underwire for extra support and comfortable shoulder straps. This top is available at Swimco it's a little pricer but for comfort it's totally worth it.

Who says you can't have a fun top just because you have a larger chest check out this plaid number that has coverage and underwire from Venus.

I know what you are thinking there is no way my boobs are going to fit in there, but be adventurous! The ASOS website says DD-G so it must fit. Considering the options for cute bikini tops are limited the larger your chest is, I was super excited when I came across ASOS I mean I would never consider that top but if it goes up to a G I will def try it!

What swim suit brands do you wear?

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