OOTD - Luck of The Draw...

Friday, September 16, 2016

I, like every other women out there, love to shop and own way too much clothes. My closets are over filled with clothes, and some (LOTS) with tags still on it that have me wondering why I ever got them in the first place. This sweater is one of those items, tags still on and all. Since the weather was nice, I wore these shorts  with a t-shirt for better part of the day. I had plans to be outside for most of the evening and as soon the sun goes down it gets cold, so one the way out I grabbed a sweater and ran out… not realizing it was the wrong sweater. Being cold and all I put the sweater on and to my surprise it kind of worked with what I was wearing.

Boots: Aldo || Shorts: ASOS || Sweater: Talley Walley