Surviving Alberta Winters

Thursday, October 27, 2016

When the snow arrives BEFORE the leaves finish falling . . . you know you are in Alberta. This year the snow came the first week of October, which is early even for us!  Over 147 accidents recorded in Edmonton alone on the first major snow fall. Not because no one knows how to drive in the snow (don't get me wrong, there are a bunch of meatballs behind the wheel) but because many of us didn't even have time to get the winter tires on! Note to people with 4X4 - it helps you accelerate, NOT STOP. So you should have winter tires too.
But winter months really aren't so bad! If it was, Alberta would be pretty empty. There's a few things I always do to keep the cold, dark months bearable - and a few things I want to try this year too!
Ski or Snowboard: Head to the closest hill or mountain and get moving! It's a great way to stay active and be outside. There are kids under 4 who can rip down a mountain with their little pies - so it's possible to do it at any age. Plus the views from the top of a mountain in the winter - UNBELIEVABLE. The hot tubs and chalets with booze are so much better at the end of the day too!

Snowmobiling: This is one of the things I haven't tried - I don't understand the fascination with riding different "vehicles" Especially without some type of enclosure to prevent my flying into the air possibly to my death. But are you a true Albertan if you haven't tried it?
Tropical Vacations: This has proven to be one of THE BEST ways to survive the winter. Even 3 days to somewhere with sun and heat really helps. Cuba, Mexico, Vegas, LA, Phoenix.
New Hobby: I picked up the Violin as a resolution last year. During the summer months it was almost impossible for my to pin myself down long enough to practice - but I've already started back at it now that inside is much more comfortable that outside.

How do you keep happy during the cold months? We can always use more ideas!